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1 1 10 Cheeba Chews Single Dose | Pure CBD 10mg Rec

Cheeba Chews Single Dose | Pure CBD 10mg Rec

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Cheeba Chews Single Dose Pure CBD 10mg. Many consumers of cannabis products are looking for the benefits without the high and that's where these CBD-infused chocolate taffy chews really shine. Whether you prefer a morning dose before a chaotic work day, or something to help recover after a difficult work out, CBD chews are great to keep you clear-headed and focused on your well-being. Individual 10mg doses for first-time or low-tolerance customers. Cheeba Chews™ is dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis infused edibles, delivering superior customer service and creating a reliable and enjoyable product line to customers. DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Gluten & peanut free; low calorie, low sugar. STRAIN TYPE: High CBD. 20:1 CBD:THC. DOSAGE: 1 taffy x 0.5 mg THC and 10mg CBD total.



Cheeba Chews
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