Gron Milk Chocolate with Hazlenut

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With the clear cannabis distillate sourced from organic and pesticide-free cannabis locally grown in Oregon, Grön Chocolate products contain no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial ingredients are used. Ever. The child-resistant packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and is 100% biodegradable. Grön Chocolate is committed to bringing high quality, fair trade chocolate products to the cannabis market, minimizing our footprint on our delicate planet and making people feel as good as Grön Chocolate tastes! Each bar is 1.5oz (45g) and includes 10 pieces with 4-5mg THC in each serving. Each artisan craft bar is handmade and intended to deliver fully body relief from anxiety and stress, and is a fabulous sleep aid. The chocolate has absolutely no cannabis taste and is as delicious as it is effective.
  • Manufacturer Gron
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