Cannabis Maximus Distillate 1g

Category Hash and Oil
Photo Cannabis Maximus Distillate 1g
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Full Spectrum Extracts imprint a sensory snapshot of the Cannabis plant’s diverse biomolecules that exist within its trichome, with all chlorophyll, waxes, lipids, and 99.9% solvent removed, in the same ratio that they existed within the living plant. In a Full Spectrum Extract, Terpenes should be & 5% of the overall extraction. Flavorful terpenes are liquids at room temperature, while THCA has a crystalline structure when isolated, so a full spectrum extract will appear like wet sand, or “saucy” wet THCA crystals. However, it is crucial that a residual solvent analysis and terpene analysis are both always done to confirm the liquidity is terpenes. Cannabis Maximus distilate is sold in 1g portions.
  • Manufacturer Cannabis Maximus
  • Concentrate Type Hash Oil
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