Pura Elements THC:CBD Patch | 1:1 20mg Med

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Photo Pura Elements THC:CBD Patch | 1:1 20mg Med
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THC:CBD Transdermal Patch from Pura Elements. The skin is the barrier that lies between us and our natural environments. As a protective layer, molecules such as cannabinoids are often too large to deeply penetrate the skin when applied transdermally – Pura Elements has developed a blended formulation using added plant extracts that increase the skins’ permeability in order to enhance cannabinoid delivery for maximum achievable absorption into the bloodstream (bioavailability). The patches provide discrete, slow-release administration of cannabinoids that maintain their medical benefit with minimal psychoactive effects, without the use of synthetic and potentially harmful chemical enhancers. Contains 20mg THC and 20mg CBD.
  • Manufacturer Pura Elements
  • Prevailing Cannabinoids CBD:THC 1:1
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