Bee Nails GoBee | White

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  • Photo Bee Nails GoBee | White
  • Photo Bee Nails GoBee | White
Photo Bee Nails GoBee | White
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The Bee-Nails GoBee Portable Wax Vaporizer is the most flavorful portable wax vaporizer in the industry. The ceramic chamber, dual quartz rod coils, and air flow adjustment enables users to enjoy portable vaporization without sacrificing top quality flavor. No need to worry about your GoBee turning on in your pocket, the battery has a high-tech touch sensor to prevent this. GoBee adventurous on your favorite trail, GoBee creative at your studio, GoBee yourself anywhere with your GoBee portable vaporizer! This is your adventure...GoBee.Includes: Ceramic Chamber with Dual Quartz Rod Coils. Precise Heating Technology. Three (3) Temperature Settings Low, Medium, and High. High Tech Touch Sensor Battery. 1500 mah Battery. 1 USB Charger. 1 Titanium Dabber. Magnetic GoBee Storage Box. GoBee User Manual. 1 Extra Atomizer. 1 Extra Rubber Band Set.
  • Manufacturer Bee Nails
  • Vaporizer Type Dab Nail
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