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The Garden Loyalty Program

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis is proud to introduce our exclusive program - The Garden

Cultivate your Garden by receiving 30 points when you sign up
Grow and nurture your Garden by receiving 20 points every time you check in at our dispensaries
Accumulate points and get to the ultimate prize – an Ounce of your favorite flower for just a penny!
Cash in on Your Crop and Earn Rewards!
Visit your location's page for details regarding SMS notification
Please note!

You can earn points every day, but NO MORE than ONE check-in per day.
Visit your local dispensary to step into The Garden Rewards Program.



reward value
50% OFF SSFC Preroll 50
50% OFF SSFC Eighth (excludes specials & shake) 70
25% OFF Edible 100
Penny SSFC Preroll 125
25% OFF Cartridge 150
Penny Cartridge ($50 limit) 170
Penny SSFC Eighth 170
Penny Edible (200mg limit) 210
Penny Half Oz of SSFC Flower 250
Penny Live Resin Gram 300
Penny Ounce of SSFC Flower 420
Penny 4 Grams of Live Resin 710




cash coins
To check the number of points you have accrued, reply "Points" to any text message you received from Silver Stem or press the "VIP Program Login/Join" button at the top of the page