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February 20, 2019

Cannabis for Athletes. What Is It Good For?

Cannabis has shown numerous benefits for athletes. Should we take a closer look at these?

Cannabis has shown numerous benefits for athletes. Should we take a closer look at these?

Let’s start off with the basics – the marijuana plant contains numerous cannabinoids, which are compounds affecting your brain. There are hundreds of them with two major ones being THC and CBD. And they are the most studied ones. Hopefully new studies will reveal more about the lesser known ones as well.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound responsible for that elevated feeling associated with consuming cannabis, or as some might call it a “high”. Although it is only the well-known part of it, since it is much more than that. CBD or Cannabidiol is what you might call a healing part as it has a large number of medical applications.

These two cannabinoids have numerous medical and every day benefits with some being more effective with the combination of the two. Today we want to look at the cons of consuming marijuana for athletes, whether professional or not.

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the professional leagues’ stance on this “drug”, especially in light of the cannabis legalization in Canada.

The National Hockey League does not classify cannabis as a banned substance. It does test its players but there are no penalties for it. It definitely does not condone it but it is perfectly legal.

The National Football League, on the other hand, is very strict on the matter. Players tested positive on cannabis use can be fined and penalized, and the fines are steep.

The National Basketball League is also harsh on cannabis, though it seems that its use flourished there. Former NBA player Kenyon Martin believes that about 85% of the League players used it for various purposes.

There has been a lot of discussion about marijuana use by pro athletes, with pleas from noted medical professionals, especially considering an alarmingly growing rate of opioid and alcohol abuse by sportsmen from various fields, but so far to no avail. In recent years, a great number of former players from all leagues have come out in terms of using cannabis for various purposes before or after training, and especially after retiring, but the change is still far away.

So, having that in mind, let’s take a look at the “Why?”

Athletes, especially highly paid professionals have access to the many wonders of the latest pharmaceuticals, so why do they pick cannabis?

Pain Relief with No Addiction

This would be one of the major things, since cannabis is less addictive than caffeine or even chocolate. That would be a good reason to look at this product for the benefits described below. In recovery, athletes are often forced to take in enormous amounts of pain medications and all wish for a better alternative. Well, here is one.

Pain Management

THC and CBD, especially combined together, are known to provide for a great way to relive muscle and other pains, spasms and so on. It is a great way to recover after an exhausting work out or a game. And again – the “no addiction clause”.

Heart Health

This is more of a CBD thing, which has proven to relieve high blood pressure and in turn relieve the heart of unnecessary burden.


Both cannabinoids are extremely great for relieving pressure, which is a relevant problem for athletes of all levels. In our humble opinion – this is one of the greatest things cannabis brings to the table.


By relieving all the above problems, cannabis ensures a naturally healthier sleep. It is the sacred time, when all of us, not just the players, regenerate and regain our strength.  

Bone Strength

CBD contained in cannabis is known for its bone improving qualities and regeneration.


In addition, there is much to be said about consumption methods. People who enjoy sports do not really feel like inhaling smoke whether through a pipe or vaping apparatus. However, with the modern technology that is not an issue. There are literally dozens of ways to intake the beneficial marijuana these days. If you do not enjoy vaping, you can go the following:


A fun and exciting way. Edibles are tasty ranging from gummies and chocolates to ready-to-go drinks. Just keep in mind the peculiarities of this method since they are a bit tricky. The time of the effect onset can vary greatly, especially for athletes, and you need to be careful with it.


We would not advise this for athletes as the product is consumed in concentrated forms and may affect various abilities


A great way to relieve the strains of a hard work out session since it is applied locally to combat muscle fatigue.


A fairly discreet way to get all the pros of the plant. Easy and convenient to use with the added advantage of a precise dosage of THC and/or CBD.

Cannabis has been around for centuries and only now coming back to life with the new studies proving its benefits. Try out the dosages and ways of consumption, pick yours, and whatever you do – always do it responsibly.

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