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April 01, 2018

World Autism Awareness Day

How Cannabis Can Help Cope with Symptoms.

What is Autism?

Autism is a disorder characterized by a pronounced lack of social interaction and communication. The signs usually appear before the age of 3. Similar conditions with milder signs and symptoms also to autism spectrum disorders. The brain of a person with autism usually shows numerous changes, but how they occur or develop is unclear. Parents usually notice signs of the disorder during the first two years of a child's life. Autism manifests itself primarily in arrested development and unwillingness to contact other people.

World Autism Awareness Day

The awareness day has been around for the past 10 years on April 2 set by the resolution of the UN General Assembly. Its purpose is to emphasize the need to help people with autism and raise their standard of living. The number of children with autism is high in all the corners of the world and has enormous consequences for children, their families, communities and societies.

Ways of Treating Autism

1. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It is a very intensive reward-based training system that aims to train specific skills.

2. Speech therapy. The latter is often beneficial in the case of autism.

3. Social skills therapy. Developing the skills required for communication with new people or appropriate behavior on the playground.

4. Physical therapy. Improves strength, endurance, coordination, and helps form the basic athletic skills.

5. Behavioral therapy. Teaches understanding of what is behind the negative behavior and recommending the introduction of corresponding changes in the environment.

6. Biomedical treatments. These involve the use of pharmaceuticals or special diets, supplements and alternative treatments. None of these procedures have been approved by the FDA or the CDC, but there are many examples showing positive results from using these methods.

7. Cannabis. Some scientists believe that with the help of cannabis the social behavior of autistic children can be corrected, and their incompetence eliminated.

Development of Cannabis Research for the Treatment of Autism

There are reports that a number of parents with autistic children have used cannabidiol - cananbioid contained in hemp - in the treatment of their children. Cannabidiol (CBD) has no psychoactive effect, that is, it is not mind altering and does not affect attention and perception, while it does have great clinical potential.

We have previously covered the subject of how cannabinoids affect the human brain, as well as the pros of medical marijuana compared to pharmaceuticals in other articles. The complexity of autism treatment research lies primarily in the fact that no one conducts tests on children. Due to this, not many parents are taking a chance and using the research of such scientists as American Professor Piomelli who proved symptoms relief and improvement of communicative abilities in children who were given small doses of CBD under doctors’ supervision.

Another issue here is precise dosage, since a very small amount of CBD is required to achieve the desired effect. And a consistent treatment also requires monitoring by a doctor and equipment for the correct dosage.

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis would like to extend its support for the families who encountered the issue and raise awareness in the society.

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