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April Specials

4/1 - 4/30

420 Celebration is just around the corner. Silver Stem Fine Cannabis is here for you to make sure you enjoy the month of April with these sweet flower deals and more:

$4 gram with the purchase of regularly priced 1/8th. REC only. 

$59 Half Ounces. Select strains. REC only.

$50 member, $55 non-member Half Ounces. Special Tier. MED only.

Buy 2 Get 1 on new O.Pen Distillate Cartridges.

The 4/20 is the biggest holiday among cannabis enthusiasts and if you want to know why - we got you covered. Read all about the myths and facts of the 4/20 celebrations in our article. “Everything You Need to Know About 420 – Celebration, Origins, Meaning, Fun Facts”.
Have a great month and see you at the festivities!