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Father's Day Nomad Live Resin

Special offers for Father's Days

Friday, 6/15 - Sunday, 6/17

For this special holiday, we offer all our patrons some cool deals.


Nomad's Live Resin is an incredibly high quality, fresh frozen plant material produced at extremely low extraction temperatures, which makes it highly potent and effective with unactivated THCa crystals. 


For 3 days only, when purchasing Nomad Live Resin in any of our recreational stores, you get an additional discount of $5 OFF. You can learn more about the production of Live Resin here.


You have definitely seen or bought our high quality cannabis themed apparel.
And now it comes with a 40% discount! A T-shirt, hoodie or cap will make an excellent gift for your dad, your friend, or yourself! You can view the prices and reserve it online to make sure that your size and color is there for you to pick up during your next visit.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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