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Golden Ounce

Golden Ounce - Get Your Treasure

Valid while supplies last
We have a great offer from our partners in high quality goods - Concentrate Supply Co and Nomad Extracts.
The promotional items are limited, so hurry - the offer is valid while supplies last.

Ounce Concentrate Special
Buy 7 Grams Get One - CSC/Nomad Live Resin,
Buy 7 Grams Get One - CSC/Nomad Wax & Shatter,

Live Resin (Medical + Recreational). Typical potency: 80-90% Cannabinoids.

Wax / Shatter (Medical + Recreational). Typical potency: 70-90% Cannabinoids.

Savor your favorite SILVER STEM strain in Live Resin and Wax / Shatter. And you can now order them online.
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