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Newt Brothers Live Cartridge | Lavender Berry 1g Rec

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Newt Brothers’ Live Resin Cartridges are a fabulous way to enjoy the connoisseur-quality Live Resin on-the-go and discreetly. The convenience of using a vape pen is why many customers enjoy them. Newt Brothers Artisanal’s Live Resin Cartridges are filled with small-batch 100% single-sourced Live Resin, produced from fresh-frozen flower exclusively from the Newt Brothers Artisanal garden. Enjoy in-house, high-potency, full-spectrum Live Resin extracted using meticulously cultivated plants from the clean-room, high-efficiency garden. No fillers such as Propylene Glycol, distillate, or flavorings. Live Resin Cartridges that are just pure 100% Live Resin. Beautiful color, full terpene profile as well as great flavor. The terpenes and cannabinoids preserved in these Live Resin Cartridges provide a dynamic, enhanced high: with an unmatched “entourage effect”. The 510-thread cartridges are composed of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and a ceramic atomizer. The cartridges come equipped with an adjustable air flow ring, providing an incredibly personalized and customizable, clean and smooth smoking experience. For a stronger hit, adjust the ring so that all three holes are showing - this allows more air through. POTENCY: 62% - 78% Total THC. Please see the packaging for precise cannabinoid percentages of your batch. EXTRACTION: Butane. BATTERY TYPE: 510 Thread.



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