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Cannabis Shopping in Colorado - FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to help you get the most out of your experience with us

In the state of Colorado, to shop recreationally you must be 21 years of age or older. Our Broadmoor, Rockrimmon, Littleton, Colfax medical locations accept patients age 18 and up with a valid Colorado Medical Marijuana Card.

A valid United States ID, for international customers we can only take passports. That proves you are 21 years of age or older that is not severely damaged so the required information is obscured.

Yes, we accept any U.S state or territory-issued driver’s license or temporary license as long as it is not expired and still legible.


We accept the following as long as they are not expired and incorporate proof of age:

  • U.S. issued driver’s license
  • Temporary DLs
  • U.S. state or territory-issued Identification Card or temporary Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Passport ID Card
  • Permanent Resident Card U.S. issued
  • Alien Registration Card U.S. issued
  • Consular Card U.S. issued
  • Enrollment Card for any federally-recognized Native American tribe
  • Border Crossing Card U.S. issued
  • US Military ID with name, photo, date of birth

We can not accept any form of renewal receipt or renewal paperwork. We can accept digital IDs from any US state or territory.


In addition to MMJ card - a Colorado DL or ID only.

We do not accept credit cards. We accept debit cards with a surcharge of $3.95 and we have ATMs at all locations.

For now they can only be checked in store.

We do not price match however, our products are competitively priced and our loyalty program offers 7% in cashback - sign up on your first purchase and start earning rewards instantly.

You can shop on the recreational side if you are 21 years of age and have a valid ID.

You can shop on the recreational side if you are 21 years of age and have a valid ID.

No. Colorado does not recognize medical marijuana cards from other states but you can always shop on the recreational side.

We do not offer delivery.

We have nine stores throughout Colorado and our Portland store is set to reopen in the near future. You can see all location details here.

You can pre order online using our live menu - just pick the location you plan to shop at, and enter your query into search or go to the corresponding section. You will need to pick up your order in store.

We do not accept Colorado vertical ID’s but one from another state is valid.

They can as long as you are both over 21 years of age and the order is placed in the name of the person picking it up.

We can replace a faulty product but we do not do refunds in accordance with MED regulations.

No, all sales must be made in store.

All the prices on the site are provided before tax but you will see your total with tax in your cart when you add products here.

1 oz flower / 800 mg edibles / 8 g concentrate / 8,000mg cartridges

Up to two ounces unless you are a primary member that has extended plant count paperwork stating they can purchase more. Patients over 21: 8 g of concentrates or 8,000 mg cartridges. Patients under 21: 2g of concentrate a day or 2000 mg cartridges.

Our cannabis is hand-crafted, grown in soil and meets all of the strict pesticide guidelines of the MED and CO Department of Public Health & Environment.

It shows up as "pink pos" or "non-wf withdrawal [address of the store]".

$100 sign up bonus and 20% cashback on all purchases that can be spent anytime.

Unfortunately, there’s no standard formula for how many puffs your cartridge will contain. But according to a few dispensary employees, it’s comfortable to assume that the average person will reliably yield no less than 75 and probably no more than 150 puffs from a 1/2-gram cartridge. This is based on a 3-to-5-milligram puff, which varies widely from person to person.

Not at the moment but we have concentrates made from our flower created by CSC, Nomad and Olio.

Service animals are allowed. We may ask if it’s a registered service animal and what has it been trained to do but no, you do not need any documents on hand. We do not allow emotional support animals.

You need a pdf copy of your card and a valid ID, patient certification form now, and if you have an extended count, your uniform certification form. And the budtender will get you squared away. You will need to fill out two forms when you come in. Patient designation and a patient form.

This will vary city by city but you can plan on roughly 21-25% for recreational taxes. You will see your total with tax in your cart when you add products here.

This will vary city by city but you can plan on roughly 7-9% for medical taxes. You will see your total with tax in your cart when you add products here.

We do not.


To change your MED Card or ID, log into your account on Click on the hamburger menu located on the top right corner of the page, select "Profile," scroll down to "ID & Med Card," and click "Replace."

No, they can not be combined.

Budder, sugar, and other similar products fall under the wax category and are eligible for the B3G1 discount, as long as they are not live products.

Yes, you can mix and match ounces as long as they are on the same tier. They will be priced at the ounce price within that tier.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for those in the industry.

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