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Green Dot Blue Label Live Rosin | Pirate Milk x ROYGBIV Red 1g Rec

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Green Dot Labs Blue Label Extracts showcase the highest quality flower possible in its most essential form. Experience GDL’s 21st Century Hashplants, grown in-house and extracted in small batches using ice water and pressure for a pure, intense, vibrantly flavorful artisanal solventless extract. GDL’s single-source, strain-specific Blue Label Live Rosin starts with flavorful, potent cannabis varietals from their extensive genetic library. After being carefully cultivated, the plants are harvested at peak freshness. GDL’s solventless concentrates are extracted with the simple, time-tested purity of ice water and pressure. The artisanal cold water hash-making techniques produce a vividly flavorful Live Rosin with thousands of live trichome heads in every gram. Pick up a gram of Blue Label Live Rosin to experience the fresh, intense flavors and heavy, long-lasting high in the finish that connoisseurs covet. POTENCY: Please refer to the packaging for detailed info on your strain and batch.



Green Dot
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