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Summit Concentrates Live Resin | Snowball 1g Rec

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Each strain is hand selected and nurtured from clone to finished product – Summit strives to produce the highest quality concentrates to deliver the perfect elevation. Summit Concentrates is dedicated to the art and science behind the cultivation of cannabis. Summit Live Concentrates are extracted from freshly frozen flower harvested at the peak of terpene and cannabinoid expression for each strain. The extraction process preserves these compounds, resulting in pure and powerful concentrates that give you a true-to-strain experience. The Live Concentrates come in a variety of consistencies including Live Diamonds, Live Sugar, Live Budder, and Live Sauce.

LINEAGE: The White x Chem 4 OG.
STRAIN TYPE: Indica-dominant hybrid.
FLAVOR: Unique flavors of robust lemon, mint, and earthy kush.



Summit Concentrates
Product Rating Summit Concentrates Live Resin | Snowball 1g Rec
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