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The V4 is a variable temperature vape designed for dry herb. It features a digital LED display that allows the user to dial in a desired temperature to a specific degree (300F-435F). It’s uncharacteristically light design and rapid heating system set a new standard for handheld flower vaporizers. Within the V4 is a full coated ceramic atomizer that allows for even and accurate flow of heat to vaporize your dry herb. Our coated chamber also allows for easy cleaning. The 5-click safety ensures the unit will not activate while in your pocket or purse. The V4 allows for up to a week of use with a recommended overnight charge to ensure maximum functionality* Included with your V4: -USB Charging Cable -USB Wall Plug -Cleaning Tool -Dab Tool -Instruction Manual *Battery life ratings based on average user usage
  • Manufacturer C-Vape
  • Vaporizer Type Dry Herb
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