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Everything You Need to Know About 420 – Celebration, Origins, Meaning, Fun Facts


Everyone has heard of the term, but how did 420 start? What does it really signify? Where did it come from? Most people, even those distant from the cannabis culture, know that it has something to do with marijuana but there are so many myths and legends surrounding it that it got a lot of people confused.


420 Definition and Origins


4:20, 420 or 4/20 stands for four twenty p.m. or the date of April 20. It is not and has never been a police code for possession or smoking pot, and neither is it the date of birth or death of icons like Bob Marley.


4:20 pm was chosen by a group of people from California that called themselves the Waldos as their meeting time to get high. "4:20 Louis" originally referred to their meeting on the futile search for an abandoned weed crop based on a treasure map. The term was later shortened to “4:20” and signified cannabis consumption in general.


Widespread and Fame


Further spread outside the group is attributed to the Grateful Dead. Several of the original Waldos hung around the band and their parties and the word stuck as a code for smoking weed and was used more and more frequently.


The nationwide use of the term 420 was solidified by Steven Hager of High Times in his article "Stoner Smart or Stoner Stupid?".




4/20, that is April 20, has also become the day for celebrating cannabis with hundreds of various events and festivals being held in the US and abroad.


Among the most prominent locations are Hippie Hill in San Francisco, The University of Colorado's Boulder campus and Alberta Legislature Building. There are numerous festivities held in Denver every year due to Colorado being the first state to legalize marijuana.




Various signs with the magic 420 number have been stolen by cannabis enthusiasts around the United States. The most sought-after item had been the Mile Marker 420 sign on I-70 east of Denver. Tired of replacing it the Department of Transportation changed the sign to 419.99 decreasing thievery but not eliminating it altogether. Idaho 420 marker and 420 St sign in Minnesota have gone through similar trouble.

In Conclusion


This year there will be numerous 420 activities in Denver and surrounding towns for you to choose from. Whichever you pick, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis wishes you a great time and a hazy celebration with your friends! Just remember to consume responsibly and stay out of trouble by abiding the laws of Colorado.


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