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September 27, 2016

What you need to know about marijuana use in Colorado - Dos and Don’ts

Colorado had made the front page news when it became the first US state to legalize cannabis use.

What you need to know about marijuana use in Colorado - Dos and Don’ts

Colorado had made the front page news when it became the first US state to legalize cannabis use and possession by the now famous Amendment 64. The long-awaited decision made history and in four years has proven to be the right one.

Colorado received a huge influx of money into the budget which is being used for school funding, drug use prevention, and law enforcement.

Marijuana use, possession, and consumption is legal, but out-of-state visitors coming to Colorado do need to know some things about it beforehand:

Where can I use? Marijuana use in any form is prohibited in public places. It’s not Amsterdam. You can enjoy your joint, drink, edible, etc. only on private property. And if that property is a hotel room or rented, be sure to check with the owner. And you can’t use it on Federal land, such as natural parks or forests. And no, you can’t consume it at any of the Colorado marijuana dispensaries.

Restrictions on use and possession. In many ways cannabis restrictions are similar to alcohol: You must be 21 to use it. Same goes for purchasing and possession of pot. You can’t consume and drive. You will get a DUI if you have 5 or more nanograms of THC so make sure to plan your consumption ahead. And you have to keep it sealed in your car similar to ‘open container’ law. Although, use in the backseat of a private or for-hire vehicle is allowed.

Can I take it with me? An important point for those who might forget – you can’t take it out of state with you. In fact, you can’t even take it to the airport since it’s considered a banned substance there. It’s also banned on Federal land, even though it’s in Colorado. And do not try to send marijuana by mail. It seems obvious but people have tried to do it. This will lead to serious federal charges.

Can foreigners use it? Few people are aware of it, but non-US citizens can be deported, even for possession or use… There have been numerous cases when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement fined and deported foreigners. The issue is murky, so our advice – if you are a foreigner, refrain from pot. Or at least think before admitting using it.

How much can I buy, hold, grow? There is a limit on every one of these. The former two constitute one ounce (that is about 40 joints on average), whether it’s pot itself or edibles, such as wax, shatter, hash oil, etc. If you decide to grow for personal use, medical or recreational – the limit is 6 plants with no more than 3 flowering. And you need to check on other restrictions in your county.

Can I be fired for it? If you decided to find employment in Colorado, keep in mind that your employer may easily fire you, even for off-the-clock use.

So with that in mind, enjoy safe and responsible consumption. Despite its restrictions, Colorado marijuana laws are considered the most lax, even compared to Amsterdam.


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