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Green Dot Black Label Live Badder | Papaya Mousse 1g Rec

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Green Dot Labs' Black Label extracts represent the ultimate in quality, purity and flavor. Their signature line of concentrates is grown and extracted in-house, highlighting 150+ rare and exclusive varietals as well as an endless variety of flavors and effects in several finishes and formats. Live Badder is the rib eye steak of the cannabis concentrates world. The Black Label Live Badder is created by emulsifying the essential oils of the whole, fresh-frozen cannabis plant, resulting in an ultra-rich, homogenous concentrate with a malleable, uniform consistency with the look and feel of wet cake batter. Combining intense flavor, high potency and consistent texture, Black Label Live Badder delivers a smooth experience with a mouth-coating richness beloved by cannabis aficionados. Experience GDL’s Black Label Live Badder for a perfectly balanced, deeply nuanced dabbing experience.



Green Dot
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