Mary's Medicinals Distillate Cartridge | 3:1 500mg Rec

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Photo Mary's Medicinals Distillate Cartridge | 3:1 500mg Rec
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Staying true to its core values, Mary’s set out to manufacture a pure, additive free, industry-leading vape pen, offering instant relaxing relief. After a year of research into nearly every aspect of the product, from formulation to hardware, Mary’s is proud to introduce our CBD:THC 3:1 vape. With an earthy flavor and fresh aromatic scent, Mary’s new vape offers relaxing relief without the intense high often associated with a straight THC vape. This all natural terpene blend is smooth with no cutting agents and includes clean oil from distillate. 500 mg Pyrex glass cartridges. High Cannabinoid Potency. Additive Free. Convenient, discreet, rapid uptake. Accurately dosed draw count. Relaxing without the high.
  • Manufacturer Mary's Medicinals
  • Strain High CBD
  • Size 500 mg
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