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June 02, 2020

10 Things to Do if You Consumed Too Much Cannabis

Once in a while it happens to most of us - you or your friend were partying and overestimated your tolerance to cannabis.

It’s always best to know your limitations and do not smoke excessively, but if it happened, there are a number of ways to sober up from being high.

Of course, the first and obvious tip - try to avoid getting too high. Choose strains or edibles wisely, based on your experience and preferences. If you are a novice or you are trying a new strain, it’s better to start with a small dose. Remember - you can always take more! Start with 5 mg or even 2,5 mg THC doses if you are a novice.

What are the symptoms of being “too high”?

Most common symptoms of being too high are racing heart, nausea, anxiety, dark thoughts, paranoia, feeling extremely nervous. Some people say that they felt totally freaked out and thought they were about to die. The good news is it’s impossible to die of cannabis overdose - there has never been a documented case and it is virtually impossible.

You might have thoughts like “is it possible to never come down from a high?”. Definitely not. This will not last forever. Try to remember this mantra if you overdid it. It will boost your confidence and add a bit of optimism. It’s difficult to say how long the high will last as it depends on various factors, like consumption method, dosage, weight, metabolism, and so on. On average, the symptoms are usually felt between 2-3 hours if you smoked flower and 4-6 hours if you had edibles.

And now, here are top 10 things to do if you smoked too much weed

1. Hydrate. Of course, we are talking about water and the like, not alcohol. Whatever else you choose to do from this list, hydrating is your priority. Lemon water would be the best option. Avoid caffeine containing beverages - they could well make the situation worse by increasing anxiety.

2. Try not to panic. Easy to say, right? We know that it might be difficult, but if you minimize your panic level, it will be easier to help you or your friend. Always keep in mind, that feelings are overintensified when you are high.

3. Get physically comfortable. If you fell that you want to lie down or sit in the position you find the most comfortable, go for it. The idea is to do whatever puts you at ease. If you are at home, maybe your pajamas and fresh bed linens will do you good.

4. Chew on or sniff a black peppercorn. Sounds like a weird challenge, true but people found it to be one of the most reliable ways to sober up from being high.

5. Have a light snack. It could be a sandwich or some fruits. Food helps to reduce THC levels. For some people ice cream helps. Or you might have your own favorite. But, avoid chocolate. Combining weed and chocolate releases endorphins and enhances the high.

6. Rest and relax. Try to breathe slowly. Take deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Some light yoga will not hurt as well.

7. Take a walk if you can. A bit of fresh air could make a big difference. Walk for a block or two, it will distract you and fresh you up. Do not drive a car if you consumed cannabis. It is illegal and dangerous.

8. Find a distraction. Watch a funny movie or pet your cat or dog, dance, paint, cook. Whatever brings you joy and provides positive emotions.

9. Take a shower or bath. Sounds like an old trick, yet it is very effective way to help you cope with getting “too high”. A cold shower will definitely jolt you up. Or maybe your thing is a nice bubble bath with essential oils - try that but make sure you do not feel drowsy.

10. Chat with a friend. They should be able to find words of support and comfort. Your anxiety and nervousness will fade away after a couple of good jokes and some good reminiscing. Hey, this will also make for a fun story once you handle it.

Of course, there are numerous other things that may help with excessive cannabis consumption based on your experience and individual preferences. The most important thing to remember is that all these strange feelings and sensations will eventually go away. It just takes time. But if you feel you are not coping well with it, do not hesitate to call EMS or have a sober friend take you to a hospital.

We hope that you will not need this list but we also hope it will come in handy if you find yourself in the situation where you had a bit too much. And remember to always consume responsibly.

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