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May 21, 2018

Cannabis Tolerance Guide

Education for the more experienced consumers.

More often than not we offer educational articles for beginners. We talk about various products, their effects and peculiarities. But what about the more experienced consumers? It's time to talk about tolerance, the way it builds up and how to return to level you started at.


What Is Cannabis Tolerance?


Almost every cannabis consumer has experienced the following - you start with a small amount, and a week later you realize you are consuming more to achieve the same impact.


People develop tolerance to cannabis and become less sensitive to the effects of THC fairly quickly.


Take a Break

If you smoke flower on a daily basis, you probably noticed that over time you need more and more to get to that high you are used to. If you have been observing this for several months, then it's time to make that tolerance break.


The thing is not that you are used to the experience. It’s your body trying to adapt to the consumption of THC. Your receptors should suspend the process of adaptation after 3-4 days into taking a break.


Where to Start?


Plan the time you are planning to take a break in advance to avoid stress, parties, and other situations where you find yourselves in a fun company to light up during this period. It is best to agree on a joint break together with your friends so that you can support each other. Or at least warn them about your plans, so they do not tempt you for a while.


It Might Be a Bit Hard


It will be a little bit difficult for you to adjust to during these days. Your receptors are used to getting a certain product and effect, but you need to remember why you are doing. No, there will be no withdrawal pangs, because cannabis does not create a chemical addiction unlike alcohol and tobacco, so giving it up for a couple of days is absolutely painless. It might be a bit uncomfortable for you psychologically but with the right attitude and keeping your eye on the ball you should have no problems whatsoever. And the results will definitely pay off.


How to Cope Better?


A person who smoked every day for quite a while will possibly encounter anxiety and problems with sleep. With this in mind, it is best not to smoke before turning in for a couple of days before your break, but rather to enjoy the herb only in the daytime, no later than 4 hours before you go to bed. This will ensure better sleep in the first days of your sabbatical. And even if you do have some issues - DO NOT resort to pharmaceuticals, such as sleeping pills. Drink some herbal tea or milk, take a warm bath, go out for a walk in the fresh air - this should work just fine.


The next problem you might have is a loss of appetite. Cannabis is great at regulating and stimulating appetite, and helps to cope with anorexia and other ailments. It is during this period that you need to stock up on your favorite foods and snacks and let yourself run a bit wild on pizza, burgers, tacos, or whatever your guilty pleasure is.


And the last but not least is boredom. Get busy with something - come up with a new hobby, walk with your friends, go to various events. If you are constantly busy and communicating, it will help take your mind off marijuana.

Try to make at least a one week break and you will notice a significant change in the effect of cannabis you consume and learn to better appreciate it. Go on another week in 2-3 months and in the future, try to go on a 2 weeks sabbatical. When you see and experience the results, you will know it was definitely worth it.

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