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October 09, 2018

Discover the Wonder of Kief. What Is It? How to Use Kief?

There are many different forms and shapes that cannabis flower comes in - buds, shake, hash, rosin, etc. And there is of course kief!

Kief - the Most Precious Part of the Cannabis Plant

One of the oldest concentrates consists of the resinous trichomes of cannabis and that is kief, which comes from Arabic meaning 'pleasure, intoxication'.

There are different strains with different levels of THC content. But few people know that you can get huge amount of THC from each and every plant. Kief contains a much higher concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoids than the cannabis buds it comes from. You have definitely seen these trichomes - they are the white strands a little bigger than a hair that cover the bud. Many people collect kief but do not know all the amazing way to use it.

Click here to see our video on the subject on YouTube.

Kief Consumption

The first most common, well-known and obvious method is to smoke it, using for instance a bubbler, rig, pipe, or any method convenient for you. Kief is usually added on top of the flower, which is called “crowning a bowl”. Kief must be consumed with flower, because in its pure form it is almost impossible to make it smolder or burn. And remember that kief is much more potent than flower, so you should expect a very powerful effect from the same amount.

The next use is cannabis prerolls. If you usually buy ready made joints, you can roll it in kief and light up. It’s as easy as that. And if you make your own joints or blunts, you can mix the shake with kief before rolling it.

Kief as Raw Material. What Is It Used for?

Kief is used to make hash by slightly heating and pressurizing it, but it’s hard to do to at home.

You can use kief to make Moonrocks - lightly heat the oil of your choice, coat your nugs in it  and then dredge through the kief like you are making fried chicken.

There are various extracts to be made from kief that can be used for a number of things, like loading into your vape cartridge, for instance. We will cover these options in our upcoming blog articles in detail.

Kief can also be used in cooking, but make sure that it is heat treated since its full potential is only revealed through heating. You can make numerous things, like pastries, cookies or even sauce for your burgers and other meats, as well as any other things you are used to cooking with cannabis. Just replace shake with kief and voila - you got an exquisite infused product.

How to Get Kief?

The fastest and easiest way is to buy ready-made cannabis kief at a dispensary. It has been certified and it is already collected and packed for your convenience and ease of use.

There is a way of collecting it at home if you use a grinder. When you grind your buds the best stuff either stays on its walls or sifts through the finest filter and collects at the bottom. You can collect it by using a plastic scoop that often comes with the crusher or you can try the following trick - place a coin in your grinder/its bottom part, cool it and then shake it. It’s an extremely easy way to get all the kief collected there over time.

To make sure that you collect the most trichomes from the flower, shake the buds in the grinder before cutting it up so that every precious trichome remains for you to enjoy it later.

We hope that you have learned a little more about this incredibly potent and rare product, and that you have expanded your horizons in terms of cannabis consumption. Do not be afraid to try out new products and new sensations. Try kief next time. And as always - consume responsibly!

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