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February 22, 2018

How the Best Live Resin is Made

Live resin is a concentrate known for its flavor, taste and potency.

It is derived from live flower by chilling it to sub-zero temperatures. However the extraction process of creating a consumable product from the fresh source material is not an easy feat.

The most important aspect of the fresh plant extraction is understanding that the quality of the finished product depends directly on the quality of the cannabis plant itself. And this is why numerous concentrate companies in the state of Colorado use the flower grown in Silver Stem greenhouses under the guidance of our chief production officer James, a 5th generation farmer. Using the highest quality plants is key in creating superior live extracts. Because a concentrate manufacturer can use raw plant  material from multiple growers, it is important to make sure to know where the plants that were used in the process came from.  If you are looking for the highest quality live resins make sure to ask your budtender if the live resin you’re buying was made from Silver Stem’s fine cannabis.

Now that we have looked at source material we need to understand what technologies are used to obtain the purest concentrates. Since different extraction methods are used to each type of concentrate, today we are going to take a look at one that has gained popularity in recent months for it’s potent terpene flavors and robust representation of the plants pure effects, live resin.  

Live resin’s production requires the freshest plant material.  Once a plant reaches its flowering stage and has the highest amount of resin trichomes, it is harvested and immediately frozen in sub-zero conditions. The plant should remain frozen through the remainder of processing in order to maintain the plants purest state. This makes live resin known for its similarity to the aroma and taste of an actual live cannabis plant. Its color ranges from light amber to yellow gold with a powerful and rich smell. 

Butane is usually used in extraction due to its unique ability to attain a richer terpene profile compared to other solvents.
The ice cold butane push through frozen cannabis, extracting all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes while leaving behind impurities.

Once the majority of the solvent has been safely recovered, residual solvent is removed in a vacuum oven. The temperatures keep down and purge over several days, allowing the extract to retain all the delicious flavor and scent of the cannabis it was derived from.

All of the extractions are tested for potency, residual solvents, microbial contaminants and terpenes, ensuring a safe and healthy experience for consumers.

The solvent technology also provides for the creation of numerous concentrates such as wax, shatter, crumble and other cannabis extracts.

The high demand for Live Resin among extract connoisseurs led to manufacturers creating other varieties such as Live Sugar, which is similar to an amber sugar patty, Live Budder with smoother, more pliable consistency and Sauce, a sap-like consistency that can also contain pure THCA crystals. Live Resin offers the best taste and is popular with both experienced and novice cannabis enthusiasts.

A great example of fresh frozen extraction technology for the production of Live Resin is by Olio™.  It is worth noting that the Olio™ freezes whole flower and not shake like many other concentrate companies do to save money. The trichome rich water is then filtered through various screens to collect the resin by size. The resulting product is dried using a state of the art freeze drying unit to ensure the product is free of any water. As a result, the end user receives a crystal clear product. Concentrate is pressed from freshly extracted ice wax at the lowest possible temperature and pressure, filtering away any contaminants while creating a flavorful, ultra-refined budder or sap that dabs just like hydrocarbon extracts. Take our word for it – these low temperatures and purity of the product cannot be achieved in home product for they require sophisticated equipment.

Photo: ROSIN concentrate by Olio™

As we mentioned earlier, the quality of raw materials, that is flower used to create a concentrate is of crucial importance. Olio™ has decided on using the flower from Silver Stem for the production of a line of concentrates. So if you are a true connoisseur and love to enjoy high quality - try Olio's™ Live resin made from our finest flower. In addition to Live resin, Olio™ produces other quality concentrates – you can see the full range of their products here.

The number of concentrate manufacturers in Colorado and the states where marijuana is legal in one form or another has increased drastically but that does not mean that they all provide a quality product. When picking a product, find out what was the source material – was it flower or shake? What source material was used for production and where did it come from? If you pay attention to the details, you will avoid subpar products and enjoy your favorite dab to the fullest. Good luck!

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