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January 30, 2018

Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival, Nederland, CO

Nederland is the most famous town in terms of Frozen Dead Guy history and events.

The festival is a tribute to the memory of the frozen body one Bredo Morstol that was moved to Nederland after being cryogenically stored in California. It is peculiar that Morstol froze in an animated position and every spring he waits for a great thaw that will bring him back to life.

Grandpa Bredo would soon be 110 years old had he been alive. He was born and raised in Norway, he loved fishing, skiing and hiking in the mountains of his homeland, where he was director of parks and recreation in Norway's Baerum County. Morstol died of a heart disease in 1989.

After finding his after life home in Nederland he became a worldwide media sensation when his grandson was deported and the grandson’s mother was under threat of being evicted by the local authorities. Since then, his family and the public are taking good care of him. His family hired a man to stuff the Tuff Shed with 1,600 pounds of dry ice once a month, keeping Grandpa Bredo in comfortable -60 degrees. Every month, it attracts numerous tourists from all over the world to Nederland.

Having been frozen for over 20 years, he retains hope and his faith in cryonics, and managed to inspire an annual festival in Nederland, which turned into a full-fledged winter holiday.

Frozen Dead Guy Days festivities make for a great way to end a short winter day, or simply relax after skiing and dive into spring atmosphere.

During the festival there are various funky competitions, including coffin racing, polar plunging, and frozen salmon tossing. And if you are a cannabis enthusiast, there will be plenty of amazing deals and discounts from dispensaries. The Silver Stem team will not be an exception - we have been a major part of the event over the past years and do not plan to miss out this time. And you can click HERE to see all the discounts and events Silver Stem has to offer for the holiday.

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