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October 08, 2018

What’s the Difference Between a Joint and Blunt?

The question may be obvious answer if you are an experienced consumer but let’s take a closer look.

There is a great number of ways to consume cannabis. Vaping, dabbing, ingesting and of course smoking. You can smoke flower in a thousand different ways but we want to take a look at the most convenient and easiest way - and some would say a classic way - to smoke and that is using joints or blunts.

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What are the pros of joints and blunts?

They are ready to be smoked and all you need is a lighter. What are the benefits of using cannabis smoking like joints or blunts? If we talk about the prerolls, they are obvious - you have absolutely no worries like scattering flower anywhere, looking for a device to smoke, etc. Everything is set to go and if done right it provides an amazing experience.

So how are joints and blunts alike?

In addition to the above, the main thing here is the composition, which is exclusively cannabis, though sometimes in different forms and combinations of flower and hash.

And of course there are differences - the main one being the paper used for rolling them. Joints are made using rolling paper while blunts are made using cigars or blunt wraps (made of tobacco). And there is also size. In most cases joints are smaller than blunts. They also often come in various shapes like cones. Blunts, on the other hand, are much larger, weighing over 1 gram each. Obviously they last longer and are great things for a company. Take your pick!

What Is a Cannabis Joint - Detailed Look

A Joint is a cannabis cigarette made from flower shake with the use of various rolling papers made from rice, hemp rarely substituted by brown paper. The paper can be flavored and give a specific taste and smell to the flower during smoking. Manufacturers and connoisseurs also add or insert a filter to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable but that does take away some of the potency.

What is a Cannabis Blunt - Detailed Look

A Blunt is a cannabis cigar also made from flower shake, but instead of rolling papers it involves a tobacco-leaf wrapper. Blunts got their name from Phyllis Blunt cigarettes, but you can definitely use any inexpensive cigar or cigarillo available. There are plenty of types of blunt papers and they can be flavored as well providing a more refined taste to the flower. Due to the presence of tobacco in the wrapper, smoking blunts means consuming of a small amount of tobacco.

In both cases, you can add a concentrate on both these canna products to alter the effects. You can always enforce the potency with oil, hash, kief or you can just go for caviar which is typically comprised of flower, oil and kief. These concentrates are recommended as the most suitable for smoking with joints and blunts.

Now that you know the difference between blunts and joints you can make a well informed decision as to whether it is better to smoke a joint or blunt?

In any case, you can stop by and get one of each in our stores, and give it a try - we just got a fresh batch of everything you need - pre-rolled joints and blunts ready for you to light, and shake and kief if you wish to make your own!

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