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February 12, 2021

Will CBD Show on Drug Test? Is CBD Legal to Use? Quick Fact Check

CBD consumption has increased dramatically in recent years and this has led to another issue. 

CBD products are currently all the rage with their potential and proven benefits. And with recent hemp legalization, you can now legally buy some at a wellness store near you or even order them to be shipped directly to your home. But do you need to worry about failing your drug test if you are using it?

Let us look at the facts.

What is CBD? CBD vs. THC

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the main cannabinoids found in the cannabis that has no psychoactive effects but has very promising potential in helping with a number of ailments. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) on the other hand is the element of the marijuana plant that offers the “high” and influences your state, and that is what drug tests look for.

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Legal Status of CBD

The status of cannabis and its cannabinoids has seen plenty of changes in the recent decade with federal legalization looming on the horizon. As of now, it is legal to sell hemp CBD (containing less than 0.3% THC), and even ship it. It is also legal to consume but some states may require a prescription to buy it. Marijuana derived CBD however remains a Schedule I controlled substance. Alongside heroin of all things. 

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In the past year many professional sports associations relaxed their policies, excluding CBD and even cannabis altogether from their banned substance lists. 

Will CBD Ruin a Drug Test? Does CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test?

First thing to keep in mind - a drug test is not looking for CBD, so common searches such as “How long is CBD detectable in urine?” and “does cbd show up on a 10-panel drug screen” do not really make sense. The purpose of the test is to see if you have consumed THC, which can be stored in your body’s fat cells for prolonged periods of time. Sure, specific test can be made to check for CBD but it is not a standard practice and consumption of CBD is legal.

A drug test may be done for various purposes and a lot may depend on it - such as you getting a new job or keeping your old one, child custody, access to prescription medications, and more. It is usually done on a urine sample, although more sophisticated ones may involve taking your saliva, hair, or blood.

In short - CBD products might make you fail a drug test. The most common reasons are that CBD products especially hemp derived ones, might have trace amounts of THC or not be properly tested.

Here are some things to consider

If you are buying products from a licensed cannabis retailer like Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, all products will be independently tested and will have detailed cannabinoid information on the label, including detailed THC content. Thus, you will know if you can safely consume the product and not worry about testing.

But, with hemp legalization and unregulated market, CBD products sold online might not be up to par in this regard, and you may run the risk of failing your drug test, without even being guilty. Unlike marijuana, hemp is federally legal and can have up to 0.3% THC content and unscrupulous manufacturers might neglect to mention that. Moreover, they usually do not even have to. And if a CBD product contains small amounts of THC, and you consume enough of it, that may lead to a positive test. It will of course depend on your metabolism, period of consumption and so on.

Note: CBD isolate is considered the purest form and will contain no THC or minute amounts of it.

If you want to become a federal employee, you will be tested even for trace amounts, and even minuscule ones can lead to failing it. For the latter it is best to avoid any cannabis products you are not 100% sure of, since the fail rate is rather high.

Keep in mind that older methods may mistake CBD for THC but if you believe that to be the case, you have a good chance of successfully challenging these results.

What We Have Learned

Pure CBD will not make you fail a drug test, but the problem lies in making sure it is pure. The simplest way is to avoid CBD products before a drug test altogether, but if it is part of your regimen, try to steer clear of hemp derived CBD (due to common THC content and very loose regulation) and shop at a state licensed cannabis dispensary that carries products from trusted manufacturers.


This article was written as a general guide in February 2021, and we recommend you check current information for up-to-date details and more.

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