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December 29, 2022

Winter Activities in Colorado

If you're visiting Colorado in the winter, there are plenty of activities you can choose from to stay busy and have fun!

  • Snowshoeing. Snowshoes are one of the best ways to get around on snow. They provide great traction, and allow you to hike on any kind of terrain, even steep hills. You can rent snowshoes at most resorts or visit a local sporting goods store for your own pair if you plan on staying in Colorado for an extended period of time.
  • Cross-Country Skiing. Cross-country skiing is another great way to explore winter landscapes without having to worry about falling through thin ice or getting wet feet! Just be sure that you have proper gear before venturing out on your own - and be aware of avalanche warnings while skiing in mountainous areas like Aspen and Vail!
  • Sledding/Tubing/Skating: If there's any place where kids (and adults) will want to spend their days off from school during winter break, it's definitely going to be outside having fun with all sorts of sleds!

Go sledding, snow tubing or snowmobiling.

  • Go sledding. For an inexpensive and accessible winter activity, you can't beat sledding. The Green Mountain Reservoir in Lakewood has a 1-mile loop of snow for sledding, and is free to use. Other local options include the Highlands Ranch parks and Turkey Creek Lake Park.
  • Take advantage of snow tubing at Breckenridge Ski Resort's tubing hill, which features two tow lines that take you up to speeds of 30 miles per hour on one of the largest downhill runs in Colorado (tubes rent for $13/hour). You'll want to wear warm clothes and footwear; it gets cold standing out at this height!
  • Snowmobiling is another great way to enjoy the snow while exploring ski trails or forested areas near Denver - rent one from a shop when you're ready for some off-roading fun! 

Ski or snowboard.

Skiing and snowboarding are great winter activities that are accessible to almost everyone. Both skiing and snowboarding provide an excellent way to spend a day outdoors with friends or family in the winter.

Skiers usually need to purchase equipment (skis, boots, poles), whereas snowboarders can use their own or rental boards at most resorts. Skis cost more than snowboards for beginners but cost less per hour of use once you master them. Because of this difference in initial investment costs and subsequent operating costs, many people who start out on skis continue with them even after they've learned how to ride a board; however others like the challenge of learning both sports so they can choose which one works best for each situation!

Snowboarding is easier on average than skiing because it doesn't require as much balance or coordination between your upper body & lower body movements as turning on skis does; however this does not mean that snowboarders aren't exercising hard enough either! It just means there's less tension required.

Go ice skating.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, try ice skating. There are several places around Colorado that offer public skating sessions, including the following:

  • Loveland Sports Park — Loveland
  • Denver Ice Arena — Denver
  • Littleton Ice Arena — Littleton

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Colorado is a great destination for winter sports, but it's also an ideal place to visit during the colder months. This state has plenty of wonderful things going on throughout the winter season, which makes it easy to find something fun and exciting no matter what time of year you decide to take a trip up here. So if you're looking for something new this season then go ahead and book that ticket now!


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