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Spherex Distillate Pax Pod | OG Kush 500mg Rec

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Spherex Grand Daddy Purple is great to unwind after a stressful day and formulated to increase your sense of peace and well-being. Defined by a pleasant aroma and deep sour lime flavor with a piney undertone, this strain is the most popular in the world. Spherex vape cartridges are created with innovate extraction and refinement techniques. Each cartridge features unique terpenes selected from the favorite cannabis strains. Each strain is analyzed for composition then blended to taste. With the perfect blend in hand, Spherex sources the highest quality natural terpenes to create a consistent experience. Set your preferences and personalize your vaping with the PAX Session Control technology. STRAIN TYPE: Indica. POTENCY: 85% THC. 12% Cannabinoids. 3% Terpenes. BATTERY TYPE: Proprietary Pax battery for Pax pods.





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