Canyon Cultivation Lick it | Boysenberry 10mg Rec

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Photo Canyon Cultivation Lick it | Boysenberry 10mg Rec
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After your very first lick, you will discover that Canyon Lick ITs are the the ultimate in adult candy enjoyment. Especially if you love Boysenberry. And especially if you love the buzz of a well-crafted edible. Canyon Cultivation Lick It is no regular lollipop. Not by a long shot. This is the perfect combination of adult fun and great tasting flavors. Each pop is carefully crafted with 10mg of the finest THC. We then delve into a dizzying variety of unique flavors - bursting with sour, sweet and Mmm Mmm. What’s more, our flavors are so delicious that you’ll barely taste the medicine side. Each is fast-acting, potent and sold in a child-proof and resealable package.
  • Manufacturer Canyon Cultivation
  • Flavor Boysenberry
  • Size 10 mg
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