Canyon Cultivation Lick it | Caramel Apple 1:1 10mg Rec

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Photo Canyon Cultivation Lick it | Caramel Apple 1:1 10mg Rec
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What if you could take a lick of cool, crisp autumn any day of the year? And have a great time doing it? A really good time. Well, that’s why our flavor craftsmen made Caramel Apple LickIts. Cuz they could. Canyon Cultivation Lick It is no regular lollipop. Not by a long shot. This is the perfect combination of adult fun and great tasting flavors. Each pop is carefully crafted with 10mg of the finest THC. We then delve into a dizzying variety of unique flavors - bursting with sour, sweet and Mmm Mmm. What’s more, our flavors are so delicious that you’ll barely taste the medicine side. Each is fast-acting, potent and sold in a child-proof and resealable package.
  • Manufacturer Canyon Cultivation
  • Size 10 mg
  • Flavor Caramel, Apple
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