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July 22, 2018

Cooking with Cannabis Part 1. Making Cannabutter

Many of you have wondered about making edibles at home and whether you can do it. Of course you can!

Initially most manufacturers of baked goods and lozenges started from making small batches at home using their own recipes. And now you can give it a try as well.

Pros and Cons of home cooking.

What are the downsides of making edibles at home?

First of all, we would like to warn you that cooking at home means using approximate calculations and data. It is impossible to measure the potency of edibles without accurate equipment, and because of this, you should be very careful when consuming the product you made. Keep in mind that raw materials can mix unevenly and one cookie may be very weak while the next one incredibly potent.

What are the upsides of making edibles at home?

The good news is that there are much more pros than cons. And the top one is money saving. Your main expense is raw material, in this case flower, and you can pick the tier you want to use for your stuff.

In addition to cost, you got complete freedom of choice. Maybe you want your cookies (brownies, etc.) to be less sweet than the ready made ones you tried, or you want them to have more cinnamon or nutmeg notes. The choice is yours to make and you got all the time in the world to experiment.

What is most important in cooking edibles on your own?

The most important and basic thing is that you need to pay attention to raw materials, that is, cannabis. You need to choose the highest quality flower, which is a guarantee of the best results of your culinary experience. The flower from Silver Stem is considered one of the best, and because of that, using it as raw material is definitely the right choice.

The principle for picking the flower to achieve the corresponding effect is the same for any product. If you want a more uplifting and energy boosting experience - go for sativa. If you want to relax - pick an indica. Read up on the strains and pick the one with the properties you like.

Basically all recipes for cannabis baking involve cannabis-infused butter or cannabutter. So this is the first thing you got to make before you start cooking.

Here is the easiest cannabutter recipe. You will need:

1. Cooking pot.

2. Butter (3.5 ounces for every 1/8 oz of cannabis).

3. Cannabis.

4. A filter/screen and rubber bands.

5. 1 cup of water (to be added as it vaporizes).

6. 2 cups of cold boiled water (for washing the green).

Melt the butter in a saucepan with water (the water is to make sure the butter does not get burned).

After dissolving the butter, add 1/8 oz of ground cannabis bud or just use shake. Cook for 30 minutes on low heat while stirring.

During this time, THC will dissolve in butter, while chlorophyll will partially dissolve.

Let the butter cool down, so that you could filter it.

Filter the mixture through a cheesecloth, rinse it with cold boiled water to remove as much butter from the greens as possible, and discard the remains of the flower - there is no more psychoactive material in them, with everything having gone to the butter.

Place the container with the resulting butter in the freezer or fridge until it freezes. The butter will rise to the surface and can be easily separated from water.

Let the water drain, and voila. Your cannabutter is ready! In the future we will use it for baking, making sandwiches and other dishes.

Now that we have the basis for most recipes, we can embark on our culinary journey. 

Now that you learned all this about making edibles at home, it is up to you to decide to cook or not to cook. We can offer you the choice of the best raw materials. Just visit one of our dispensaries or pre-order online.


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