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July 26, 2022

Complete List of Terpenes Commonly Found in Cannabis. Part 2

Let us take a look at the next terpenes in our top list.

In Part 1 of the series we looked at the most common terpenes found in cannabis. Today we introduce the next 6 - less known but no less important compounds.


A well known terpene that is produced naturally and synthetically and is used primarily in cosmetics and food.

Smell: lavender, floral

Potential Effects: Help in treating Alzheimer's, inhibit cancer growth, stress, pain, anxiety management 

Found in: Dark Matter OG,  Blackberry OG, mint, birch, and over 60 spices


A rather rare terpene to be found in substantial quantities in the cannabis plants. It is a great natural pest repellent.

Smell: wood, berry, fruit, green apple

Potential Effects: muscle spasms, joint aches, cancer cell spread

Found in: Dutch Treat Haze, apples, oranges, potatoes, basil


Known for a wide range of flavors it brings to the table, terpinolene is rarely found in large quantities in any of the marijuana strains. 

Smell: floral, citrus, wood, herb

Potential Effects: anxiety, insomnia, antibacterial

Found in: Dutch Treat Haze, Snow Cap, conifers, lilacs, nutmeg, etc.



This terpene works best in combination with others

Smell: earth, fruit, woody notes

Potential Effects: Decongestant, uplifting cognitive effect, natural pesticide 

Found in: Tangerine Frost, Snowcone, pepper, orchids, hops, basil, and more



A terpene that can be obtained from plants as well as synthetically it is used in cosmetics including various creams, shampoos and more.

Smell: floral, fruity, nutty

Potential Effects: may help protect against ulcer, skin irritation, inflammation

Found in: Incredible Power, Ghost OG, chamomile, sage


Also referred to as peruviol and penetrol, this terpene offers a variety of benefits and has been approved by the FDA as a flavorant for food.

Smell: earth, wood, bark

Potential Effects: antimalarial, topical enhancer, antiulcer, anxiety

Found in: Dark Matter OG, Blackberry OG, jasmine, lemon grass, ginger plants

You can always find the details on the terpene profile of our flower in the corresponding section as well as on our store displays. Or just ask your budtender!

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