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February 24, 2020

Moon Rocks - Cannabis Connoisseur’s Delight

History is a bit hazy on the origins of Moon Rocks. We do know that this unique product has spread from the West Coast.

It is rumored to have been invented and then further promoted by Dr. Zodiak and Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound. The name itself came from the product’s similarity to actual moon rocks.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are cannabis buds covered in hash oil - either dipped or sprayed - and then covered in kief, resulting in an exquisite delicacy with extremely high THC content. Historically, Moon Rocks were made using the Girl Scout Cookies strain, but any premium nugs will do. 

What’s the Difference Between Moon Rocks and Caviar?

Moon rocks and cannabis caviar are very similar, and sometimes exactly the same. They are both soaked in hash and coated in kief. The difference is that moon rocks always have both ingredients - kief and hash oil, while caviar often refers to a product with hash but no kief.  

Moon rocks are more popular in California and caviar has a strong fan base in Colorado. Of course, you can find them both in either of the states. 

How to Make Moon Rocks?

It is always easier to leave it to professionals and buy them at your favorite dispensary - Kaviar has some of the best moonrocks in the industry.

But, if you have the time and wish to try something new, here is how to make your own moon rocks.

Pick the finest nugget of the most potent strain in your collection, buy the hash oil, get the kief that collected in your grinder or buy it at your favorite dispensary. Place the bud on a wooden skewer, dip it into hash oil in a bowl, and then roll it all in kief. Alternatively, you can spray the nugget or use a dropper. And do not worry about putting too much of the concentrates - the whole point of the moon rock is that it’s insanely powerful.

How to Use Moon Rocks?

Use glass pipe / bong / bubbler, since moon rocks can be a bit messy. Cut it up and smoke either by itself or mix it up with some cannabis flower to help with keeping it lit.

Take extra care to keep your moon rocks out of the sun. Once they lose their shape, they will not go back to it and will be hard to handle.

Keep in mind, that moon rocks are very potent with THC levels averaging 50%. They are meant to get blitzed out and are definitely not for beginners. 

In Conclusion

Moon rocks are cool, cost-effective, and great for when you need to get a high dose of THC quickly, whether for medical or recreational purposes. If you think you are ready to be amazed, find a free evening, plan nothing, pick a good place and company, and blast off.

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