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Highgrade THC Syrup | Grape 100mg REC

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Highgrade Brands THC Syrup Grape 100mg. Highgrade Brands custom flavor profile is designed to enhance the Aroma of the beverage additive. The variety of fruity flavors pairs wonderfully with the taste profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. Highgrade Brands provides consumers with the perfect combination of FLAVOR, TERPENES, and THC to offer a one of kind experience when enhancing anything you dare to. The texture of the syrup is purposefully structured to be elastic, thick, and juicy! This texture perfectly homogenizes into whatever beverage or recipe you want to enhance. High quality CO2 Oil is infused deeply into the thickness of the syrup, allowing you to experience euphoria and flavor in every single sip you indulge. Flavor profiles are developed with 100% real fruit, naturally grown, and are extracted directly from the fruit itself. Flavors are handcrafted and developed by world renowned chefs and food scientists. Highgrade THC syrup’s main ingredient is Love. Add it to your favorite food, drink, or just have a night cap. STRAIN TYPE: Hybrid. DOSAGE: 100mg THC total. 40 capfuls x 2.5mg THC each.





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