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September 12, 2019

Best Cannabis Strains and Products for Sex

There is never a good reason NOT to have a spontaneous romantic evening with your partner, followed by passionate and naturally enhanced love making.

And if you and your partner are open to trying out new things, you might consider the following products to uplift your experience. Or try it on your own. 

You might have consumed cannabis before as well as had sex while being high, or you might not have. If you are a rather new to marijuana and infused products, it’s better to give it a try first, find a dosage that’s right for you and then experiment with your partner. But if you think you are ready to go, here is our top list for products that are perfect for sex.


Stratos Energy. Pills or Tincture



A simple and rather universal solution. No need to smoke, no need for any accessories. Just take a pill or drink a tincture made by a well known edibles maker - Stratos.


The Energy series is meant to boost your vigor. The oil used is made from whole plant, which provides a clear high, while energizing your body. Just what you need for your special night. 


OG Kush



A unique strain with exciting terpene profile, this powerful indica-dominant hybrid will take care of all the stress, fatigue, muscle cramps and so on, leaving you with a full body high. Enjoy your evening without letting anything distract you from the main event and then get a good night’s sleep as well.

Note: as this strain tests up to 27% THC, you might want to pace yourself and if you are a complete novice, either smoke a tiny bit or try another alternative from our list. In any case - enjoy responsibly.



Infinite CBD Isolate. Capsules or Dropper




This is for those who want to get the benefits of the cannabis plant without the “high”. Just pick a consumption method you find more convenient - capsules or using a dropper. CBD is another cannabinoid, which unlike THC has no psychoactive effects, but has plenty of health benefits. It is known to help alleviate pain, it works like a charm if you need to relax, and increases inhibition. Everything you need for a romantic night. Tip - start a CBD regimen a couple of days in advance to ensure great results.


Coda Signature Truffles



If you decided to mix up cannabis and sex, do so in style - get a box of Coda Signature’s Truffles that come in 3 beautiful and delicious forms - Crescendo, Forte, and Serenade. 


Not for nothing, the product was included in last year’s Oscar gift bag and made quite a buzz on the news.


Blue Dream



This hybrid is one of the best strains of all time, and also amongst the most popular ones in the US. And rightfully so.


It is a rather unique flower that provides an Indica high without the drowsiness so you can relax without longing to roll over and sleep. It has a sweet and citrusy flavor and will elevate you to a different world. Enhance your senses and desire by trying this well known classic in a different setting.



1906 High Love. Chocolate or Beans.

The name speaks for itself. And it is a rather suiting product to complete the list. It was made specifically for special occasions. It’s an all natural aphrodisiac that is expressly meant for arousal, both female and male. Some even go as far as calling a ‘cannabis viagra’. 

In addition to chocolate and cannabis aimed at heightening your strength, it also contains 5 herbal aphrodisiacs.
Take a bite, and let yourself swim in the ocean of feelings and sensations.


And there you have it. Try them all and let us know what you think on social media. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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