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April 12, 2022

How Many Puffs Are in a Vape Cart? FAQ and Answers on Vape Dosage

There are so many things people search for regarding vape pens. We will provide you with the answers to the most popular searches.

Vape cartridges with various cannabis extracts have been around for years and are steadily becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they are easy to use, discreet and offer an alternative to smoking. Carts come with various extracts such as CO2 oil, sauce, live resin, rosin, and more. 

Our main goal today is to help you with all the different numbers including calculations on how long your cartridge will last.

Please consider the information below a general guideline and not set facts or user manual as there are so many nuances and so many variables when it comes to cannabis vaping. Also, remember not to rush into it, and start with low quantity. Purchase your vape cartridge at an authorized retailer and from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that it has no harmful additives, since licensed products undergo thorough independent testing.

Having covered that, let us look at the most popular questions regarding cannabis vape cartridges.

How many mg are in a cart / dab pen?

Cartridges are measured in milligrams or grams. 1 gram contains 1000 milligrams. The most common sizes for vape cartridges are 500mg (.5g) and 1000mg (1g). Disposable vapes often come in 300mg (.3g) varieties. The volume of your particular vape cart will be specified on the packaging along with cannabinoid percentage (THC, CBD and so on), terpene percentage (if present), and other details.

How many puffs are in a 500mg cart? How long should a .5 cart last? 

A typical 500mg cartridge should provide around 120-150 puffs with an average drag consuming 3-5mg of oil or other concentrate in your pen. But that is of course a ballpark figure.


How many hits from a .3g cartridge? How many hits in a 300mg vape pen?

Respectively, a 300mg cart would last about 80-100 puffs, and a full gram one (1000mg) should be enough for 250-300 puffs.

How many puffs does it take to get high off a cart? How many hits do you need from a vape pen? How long do effects from a cannabis vape pen last?

It depends on the potency of the product in your cartridge. An average oil or other concentrate used in a cart has about 75% THC, which is over 3 times higher than average flower. Thus, you can guesstimate that a 1000mg pen is an equivalent of about an eighth of flower.

If you are a beginner start with a single puff and see how that goes. The effects depend on your tolerance, on the potency of the product you are using, and numerous other factors. 

If you take several puffs, the effects typically peak in about 20-30 minutes and can last up to 4 hours.

Again, this is not exact science, these are averages.


How do you know when a vape pen is finished? When should I replace my vape pen?

In most cartridges you will see that it is empty and your device no longer produces vapor.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this article helpful. Stay tuned for more on vape cartridges and all things cannabis by subscribing to our newsletter.

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