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September 16, 2020

Storage Guide: How to Store Vape Oil and Cartridges Properly? Do They Expire?

Properly storing your cannabis oil and the equipment used to vape it is a key to a flavorful experience.

Vape oil is usually extracted from the cannabis plant using solvents. In short - the marijuana plant matter is flushed with Butane Hash Oil, Propane Hash Oil, and most commonly with CO2 to get all the essential substances out of it, and then filtered using various means to provide a ready-to-use concentrated product. You can read more about it in our Concentrate Guide.

How To Properly Store Your Cannabis Vape Oil?

There are actually two things we need to look at when we talk about cannabis vape cartridge storage - the vape oil and the packaging it comes in, i.e. the cartridge.

Our goal here is to ensure the oil maintains its potency and consistency/texture and prevent leakage and breakage of the equipment. Here are the main points to keep in mind to ensure that.

Packaging. How to Store Vape Cartridges Upright?

One of the main issues with cartridges is leakage. To avoid this kind of trouble, it is best to buy carts from a trusted manufacturer that uses stronger materials like pyrex and metal instead of plastic. This will not only save your oil but will also keep your bag safe. Regardless, it is still a good idea to buy a vape cartridge storage case for your equipment as an extra precaution and safety measure. Vape pens/batteries - which is the same thing - usually come with a case.

If you are not using it, disconnect your cartridge from the pen. 

Whenever possible, store your cartridge in an upright position with the mouthpiece facing up, unless it is in a childproof case it comes in. Also, avoid shaking it. All this may increase the chance of leaking.

If you are using a refillable cartridge, make sure to thoroughly clean it before adding new oil.

Vape Cartridge Storage Temperature

Cartridges are a bit less exacting in terms of temperatures, but you should avoid heat, which is a foe for any cannabis product.

The ideal storage temperature for a cannabis vape cartridge is about 70F. Higher temperatures have the same effect on oil as they do on flower - it degrades and loses potency.

You can store your carts in the fridge but there is no need to run the risk of getting condensed moisture issues. And definitely do not freeze your carts.

Vape Cartridge Storage Light Conditions

This is one of the crucial factors alongside temperature. Sunlight will turn your oil brown and rob it of all the wonderful things like potency, flavor and effects. And sunlight also means extra heat, thus make it a priority to store it in a shade. Again, a case will come in handy.

Vape Cartridge Storage Humidity 

Humidity is crucial for flower but is irrelevant for vape cartridges.

How Long Can I Store Cannabis Oil?

Store sold cartridges do have an expiration date for vape cartridges and oil, which is usually 12 months and more with the current technology, and at Silver Stem we keep track of it to ensure that you get only fresh and potent oil.

But, similar to topicals and flower, you can store your vape oil for a prolonged time with no set date, but it will lose potency and appeal with time. Clogged up oil can be thinned by heating up the cartridge with a lighter for a few seconds, but we recommend throwing it away to avoid accidents as well as to enjoy the full flavor of vaping oil in a safe manner. 

To Sum Up

Follow the simple rules provided in this article - store your vape cartridge in an upright position, away from heat and light - and enjoy your vape experience.


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