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July 14, 2019

How to Store Cannabis Concentrates Properly. How Long Do They Last?

Picking the right marijuana concentrate is only a part of the task if you want to get the most out of it. Proper storage is a crucial element.

Last time we took an in-depth look at proper storage of cannabis flower with our grower Ricky and that article was wildly popular with a lot of feedback. Today we will also look into storing cannabis products, namely concentrates.

What is a Concentrate

Most people know about cannabis edibles like gummies and good old cookies but If you are new to the world of today’s cannabis consumption, you might have missed a very popular creation - concentrates. The name speaks for itself. In short, the end product is a concentrated dose of cannabinoids contained in flower. But, whereas flower contains anywhere from 10 to almost 30% of THC or up to 15% of CBD, extracts reach the levels of up to 99%. There are many ways to create concentrates, and they come in many shapes and forms. You can read our 101 on Cannabis Concentrates here.

So, when you have picked your favorite concentrate from a wide range of manufacturers carefully selected by Silver Stem, you brought it home, maybe tried a bit of it, what do you do next?

Unlike edibles that have a rather short shelf life, an extract can last for years and even decades, if stored properly. When you store a cannabis concentrate, your ultimate goal is preserving its properties, namely, effects and flavor, i.e. cannabinoids and terpenes. 


Do not leave your product in a humid environment as it may lead to mold and keep it away from various contaminants, such as hair, dust, bugs and so on. All these not only ruin your concentrate, but they might even turn it into a hazard for your health when you consume it.


As we mentioned earlier, extracts may have an indefinite shelf life, so let’s take a look at how we can keep them intact.

Short term storage - around a week - does not require much. If you are an avid consumer, and do not plan to stretch out your gram for months, a silicone container will do just fine. Just make sure to pick one that is not transparent and put it in a dry and cool place and if you have kids at home, make sure they can not reach it. Safety first.

Mid term storage - up to a month - will require more work on your part. You’ll need non-stick paper (the product often comes laid out on it), a glass container, and a zip lock. Wrap your favorite wax/shatter into the paper, place it in a zip lock bag or bags and put these into an airtight mason jar and find a safe as well as cool and dry place to store it.

Long-term storage - several months and more. This is something we recommend avoiding if you can, but if the circumstances force you to, your best options are storing the product in a fridge or freezer. But it comes with a price. You risk exposing it to humidity plus the precious and volatile elements of your concentrate may degrade, which will lead to partial loss of flavor and potency.

Freezing your concentrates requires the same things as mid-term storage - paper, zip lock, glass jar. Make sure to put a name and a date on each bag so as not to scratch your head when you thaw it out a year later. And speaking of thawing - do it gradually to avoid condensate.

How Long Can Cannabis Concentrates Last?

When stored properly, concentrates can last at least a year, but usually even more.

We hope these simple instructions and tips will help you enjoy the full potential of your favorite cannabis extract!


Read More on Storing Cannabis and Marijuana Infused Products:
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