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July 22, 2020

Edibles Guide Part 7. Do Edibles Expire? How to Store Edibles?

Do edibles go bad? Do they lose potency? How long can I keep them? Find out in today’s article from Silver Stem. 

There are several factors that should be taken into account regarding edibles storage. The main one being - what ingredients are in it.

Do Edibles Expire? Do They Go Bad?

Marijuana edibles like rice krispies or chocolates are not any different from their marijuana counterparts. Thus, their storage rules will be about the same - some are best kept in the fridge, some are not. Some can be stored for month with no changes whatsoever, like lozenges and gummies. Some, like those containing dairy, eggs and so on will have a shorter life span.

If you are buying edibles at a dispensary, they will have an expiration date, which is often a recommended date, depending on the type. This is one of the pros of store bought edibles - no need to guess or wonder. You got a date.

A useful tip - if you found an edible lying around with no original packaging, it is best to throw it away.

Now, if you are making your own edibles - you will need to look up proper storage terms for the ingredients and keep track of it all by marking the production date, and so on. It is a bit more complicated.

Here are some tips to storing your cannabutter, infused oil, or ready to eat edibles.

Do Edibles Lose Potency? 

Edibles can maintain their potency unchanged for 6 months at least. And even after that they lose their THC content much slower than other forms of cannabis products. The key is - storing them the right way.

How to Properly Store Edibles

The best way to store your edibles is in the fridge or freezer, regardless of their type. This will prolong their life.

Use a dark/tinted and preferably airtight container. A zip lock will do but if you consume edibles often, you should consider a vacuum sealer - it will make for a worthy investment. You can use glass jars with parchment paper but be careful if you decide to freeze your cannabutter or infused oil - you do not want them to crack. Avoid high humidity, as it may lead to mold in your edibles.

And also, follow basic rules as you would with regular food - do not bite off a piece from the whole edible and put it away, do not use the spoon you licked for the whole jar, and so on.

The rule of thumb is - if you do not like the smell, or you see anything wrong with your edible, do not eat it. 


Edibles Safety

One of the most important things in storing your edibles - always mark the packages. Or just leave them in the original box from the dispensary which has a THC warning on it. Keep your edibles away from your guests, and of course, your children and pets. 


To sum up, we can note that edibles are a great way to consume marijuana for medical or recreational purposes and with proper storage you can stock up on them and be sure they will stay good for a long time.


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