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November 01, 2017

To Eat or Not to Eat. Part 4. Overconsumption. Do’s and Don'ts.

There is no record of anyone dying from too much weed.

Here are two main rules to remember, no matter how you feel.

  1. There is no record of anyone dying from too much weed.
  2. You are not dying - just calm down and breathe. It’s all in your head.

This is a series of articles is about Edibles.

Part 1. What is the right dose of Edibles and what does it depend on?

Part 2. Dosage for beginners and more experienced consumers.

Part 3. Effects time.

Part 4. Overconsumption.

Part 5. Edibles vs Smoking.

Part 6. Types of Edibles.

4. Overconsumption. Do’s and Don'ts.

There is probably no need to tell you that it’s always better to consume at home or at a friends’ place. Basically, do it at a safe place where you feel comfortable and can enjoy cannabis to the full extent. If having done that you get some unusual sensations that does not necessarily mean you overdid it - anxiety might occur when using cannabis, with a lot depending on your mood. We will take a look at both cases - unusual feel and overconsumption as such.

What to do if you are overconsumed?

  1. It might sound a bit trite but you need to try to stay calm since the anxiety is usually just in your head, and not caused by the use of cannabis products.
  2. Remember that the feeling is only temporary. Whatever is happening, recall what we told you in the previous section - it will pass soon.
  3. Sit or lie down, close your eyes. This will help you to relax and calm yourself.
  4. Close your eyes and try to sleep to pass the time - you’ll feel much better when you wake up.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water. It will help to rid the body of the tetrahydrocannabinol more quickly.
  6. Do not eat anything! Food does not have the same effect on edibles as it does for alcohol. A meal will actually help ingest more THC into your system rather than dilute what's already there.
  7. If you are not alone, let your friend or partner know that you have overdone it so that he/she will look after you and help you through this rough stage.
  8. If you think that you need medical help, that your heart beats stronger than usual, pressure rises / falls, or you have other symptoms - you should call 911 or ask someone to take you to emergency room. In most cases, the sensations are exaggerated, and your body is in order, but it's better to see the doctor, and not put your health in jeopardy. You can safely inform the doctor about the use of cannabis, since its consumption is legal for both medical and recreational purposes in the state of Colorado. And may we remind you once again - there is no record of anyone dying from too much marijuana.
  9. Some consumers note that chamomile tea is great when you need to calm down, but again - it's all individual.


What you should NEVER DO if you have overconsumed?

  1. DO NOT DRIVE. Even if it is very urgent, or it’s not that far away, it doesn’t matter! Do not get behind the wheel. Period. You may endanger not only yourself, but other people as well.
  2. DO NOT MIX EDIBLES WITH ALCOHOL. Not even with beer or wine. The use of alcohol during smoking affects the body differently than the intake of edibles, since in the case of the latter both products pass through the digestive system and are absorbed in the stomach, passing through the liver and kidneys. Drinking alcohol with edibles can cause nausea and dizziness. In rare cases, there may even be a strong form of intoxication. It is better not to risk it and set different days for alcohol and cannabis use.
  3. DO NOT MIX WITH MEDICINES. Conventional pharmaceuticals that provide relaxing, sedative effects, or uplifting, energy boosting effects will not work properly, as they will interact with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and it is hard to predict what the eventual effect will be. It is definitely safer not to experiment.
  4. PUT AWAY ALL EDIBLES. Avoid the risk of accidentally consuming other edibles after you get that buzz. Stock up with ordinary food and water.

Bear in mind that there are other standard warnings on the use of cannabis: do not operate machinery, do not work with chemicals, etc.


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