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October 08, 2017

Edibles Guide Part 1. What is the Right Dose of Edibles? What Does it Depend on?

Everything you need to know about cannabis edibles.

If you are wondering whether to try Cannabis Edibles, and where to begin, we hope you will enjoy our series on all aspects of marijuana edibles.

Most of you - cannabis enthusiasts - have certainly wondered whether you should try edibles. But you probably also wondered about the right dose, effects, time of influence, risks of overdose, and other what, when and how questions.

This series of articles is intended for those who are not too familiar with edibles consumption or possibly had a negative experience. Or maybe you just want to get a clear picture of this marijuana infused product. You will find the answers to all your questions below.

Part 1. What is the Right Dose of Edibles? What Does it Depend on?

Part 2. Dosage for Beginners and More Experienced Consumers

Part 3. How Fast Do Edibles' Effects Take? How Long do They Last?

Part 4. Do’s and Don'ts. Overconsumption

Part 5. Edibles vs Smoking

Part 6. Types of Edibles

Part 7. Do Edibles Expire? How to Store Edibles?

Disclaimer. To eat or not to eat is solely your choice and no one else’s. We outlined recommendations solely for informational purposes. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this information applies to certified products that are sold legally. Most of it does not apply to home cooked edibles, as there is no way to determine the exact composition, the overall and piece by piece THC levels, and so on. We strongly recommend refraining from edibles you don’t know.


Click here to see our video on the subject on YouTube.

What is the Right Dose of Edibles and What Does it Depend on?

How long does it take for the buzz to kick in and what does it depend on? What should you consider when picking just the right amount for you?

First, you need to keep in mind that THC content in Edibles is not measured in percentage terms, as is customary for flower or concentrates. It is indicated in milligrams. Thus, in Colorado, the average recommended single dose per person is 10 mg THC. Information regarding the content can be found in the name of the product on our site and on the package along with advice on the dosage.

What Influences the Effectiveness of Edibles?

  • Previous experiences with or exposure to marijuana

  • Metabolism, body type, fitness level

  • Age, height, weight, and general health

  • Amount of THC found in the dose

  • The person’s level of tolerance to marijuana & THC

  • Type of Edible (for more details, see Part 6).



Due to the fact that Edibles are absorbed through gastrointestinal system, the state of your body, the food you consumed beforehand and numerous other factors affect the size of the suitable dose.

If you consumed cannabis before by smoking it, you will not necessarily experience a cumulative effect and Edibles may even influence you as if you were a complete beginner, since your body had not had an intake of THC this way before. If your metabolism is high, you will get an earlier kick from the same dose as others with lower metabolism. But at the same time, the effects will last less. When deciding what dose you should go for the first time, you must take into account all of the above nuances and make a decision on whether to take the whole 10mg bit or start with a half or even a quarter of it.

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