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August 19, 2020

How to Store Cannabis Topicals? How Long Can They Last?

Learn how to store your favorite marijuana topicals.

Topicals are a great way to get local relief without the psychoactive effects. These include creams, balms, lotions, bath bombs and so on. 

Keep in mind, that transdermal products are different from topicals. The former include patches and they deliver THC and other cannabinoids into your blood stream, meaning that you will feel the effects as you would with edibles or flower. 

Storing your cannabis and marijuana infused product is extremely important as it influences their quality and effects. All cannabis products degrade over time, but the timeframe is very different by type - flower, concentrate, edible topical, and by the method of infusion. 

How to Store Cannabis Topicals?

As with all cannabis and cannabis infused products, you need to focus on managing light, temperature, and air (and moisture in case of cannabis flower). Storage term also depends on ingredients and production method. 

Cannabis topicals are easier to manage than most products. They have a clear expiration date and are stored similarly to your every day cream or balm. 

Containers/Packaging of Topicals

When you buy a topical at your local dispensary, it comes in a container that is suitable for storage, i.e. non-transparent or opaque.

If you are planning to move it to a different container of your preference or looking for long term storage, opt for a glass container, and again, make sure it does not let the light through. 

Oxygen Influence on Topicals

There are fewer degradable components in topicals thus oxygen does not represent as much of a threat to them as it does to flower. Again, the packaging it came in should be sufficient, as it is air-tight.

Topicals Storage Temperature

Storing your topical in a dark place is the key. You do not want the active ingredients to degrade. As with most infused products, keeping them in a fridge might prolong their life, although it can be uncomfortable when you apply a cold lotion to your skin. 

How Long Can I Store Cannabis Topicals?

The expiration date for most topicals is about one year, sometimes two.

To Sum Up

Topicals have been known to help with joint ache, muscle spasms, cramps, soreness and other ailments. They offer a great way to get local relief, and they have a prolonged shelf life, which is convenient when stocking up. Stored properly, they will provide you with all the benefits of cannabis without the unwanted buzz.  


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