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September 02, 2020

Pinene Cannabis Terpene. Strains, Effects and Benefits

Today we are going to learn more about terpenes and will take a look at one of the most common ones present in cannabis - pinene.

Terpenes have been a hot subject among cannabis enthusiasts over the past years. They provide the distinct smell, enhance the effects of cannabinoids, provide therapeutic benefits, and more. We continue our Terpene Series and today’s “guest of honor” is Pinene [ pahy-neen ], which is the most common and most researched terpene.

What is Pinene Terpene? 

The name is rather self-explanatory. Pinene is a terpene commonly found in pine trees and other conifers, or more precisely their resin, that produces the distinct aroma. There are two isomers of pinene - α-pinene (more common in the cannabis plant) and β-pinene, but for all intents and purposes, pinene is the collective term that will work just fine.

Pinene Terpene Effects

Pinene brings more to the table than just the pine aroma. As with all terpenes, the entourage effect of being combined with various cannabinoids present in marijuana has shown potential or effectiveness in acting as an antimicrobial. Pinene terpene benefits include antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties. Pinene has been found to help with the respiratory system acting as a bronchodilator, i.e. expanding and opening up the airways. Pinene has also been reported to help with mood swings through its calming effects.

Where is Pinene Found?

Pinene is one of the most common terpenes found in nature. It is the major component of turpentine - distilled plant resin, usually from pine and fir trees that is used as a solvent. Other plants rich in pinene include basil, parsley, rosemary, and others, as well as of course, cannabis. It can also be found in citrus peels, though in smaller quantities. The predominant terpene there is limonene.

What Strains are High in Pinene?

High pinene terpene strains include the following:

Blue Dream. 60/40 hybrid providing uplifting body high. The strain is also rich in Limonene.

Cannatonic. High CBD, low THC hybrid with lots of medical uses. 

Cotton Kandy Kush. A savory sativa-dominant hybrid.

Chem Dawg. Extremely potent indica hybrid.

Kosher Tangie. A hybrid “child” of indica Kosher Kush and sativa Tangie.

Dutch Treat Haze. Sociable, creative, and appetite stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid.

OG Kush. A classic indica that provides wholesome relaxation. 

In Conclusion

Terpenes are definitely something to watch for in your flower. It is a new and more sophisticated way of ensuring the right effects and fine-tuning your high to suit you.


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