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June 23, 2020

Cannabis Terpenes. How to Use Them Right and Get the Most Benefits

The subject of terpenes is quite extensive and there are so many things to talk about. Join us for the second part of our Terpene series.

You can read the previous article on the most popular cannabis terpenes here.

Today, let’s dig deeper and try to understand a bit more about terpenes, specifically about the effects they can provide if you learn their secrets.

Terpenes could play a huge role in achieving the desired effect from cannabis consumption. They could provide relaxation for the body and mind, or they could give you a boost of energy and enhance creativity. Keep in mind, that terpenes are not cannabinoids like THC, CBD, THCA, CBN, etc. They are chemical combinations of molecules that are responsible for smell, flavor and much more.

Terpene Levels. What Do They Depend On?

There are a couple of basic rules to growing plants with the highest terpene levels.

Rule #1. The plant should be grown indoors. If the strain is grown inside, you will have a better chance of ensuring strong flavor and smell. High temperatures, rain, and humidity levels have a great effect on terpenes. It is much easier to manage these factors indoors.

Rule #2. You can combine the potential of terpenes and cannabinoids by timing the harvest of the grow. What does it mean? Terpenes composition changes as the plant matures, so you can schedule harvesting when there is less THC and more terpenes in the plant.

How Do I Know Which Terpenes Are in the Cannabis I’m Smoking?

You can always find the terpene list for a particular strain online but keep in mind that it depends on the quality of flower, so pick a reliable dispensary, preferably with its own grow, and one which provides various details about each strain, such as flavor, effects, and so on.

You can even determine terpenes by the smell alone. Have some fun with your friends and test your sense of smell! Buy different strains and try to guess what terpenes prevail in them. It’s a great way to get your expert level up and sharpen your senses. Once you got your terpene preferences figured out, it will positively affect your smoking experience and make it more profound.

How to Get the Most Benefits of Terpenes?

In the previous article we mentioned that it’s better to smoke using a vaporizer to get the best terpenes effect. Using this device will bring your smoking experience to a completely new level.

The best one is an adjustable temperature vaporizer, i.e. you can control its temperature settings. Each terpene and cannabis compound boils or vaporizes at a different temperature, meaning that when you smoke flower in a joint or a bong, you are combusting the all the material at the same temperature and therefore losing some of the precious terpenes.

Start with low temperature and get the benefits of all the plant molecules. For example, THC boils at 314 F. CBD’s boiling temperature depends on the strain and moisture in it, but usually, it boils between 320 and 365 F. Lemonene terpene boils at 365 F while Pinene at a much lower 311 F. Below is a little guide on vaporizer temperatures and the list of terpenes. Unfortunately, if you smoke a joint or a bong it will be quite difficult to “sniff out” the terpenes in it.

What if you are not sure what kind of strain you have or you are new to using a vaporizer? If you are looking to just get going and have a more productive time, set your vaporizer to 310-330 F. If you strive to get a more intensive high, to get pain relief or just to get a fit of the giggles, set it for mid-range, which is about 330-370 F. And if you are battling insomnia or just want to get high as a kite, turn the dial up to 370-430 F. And beware of high temperatures - it might be too harsh for novices. Remember to increase the temperature gradually and slowly and you will get a much more pleasant and tailored experience along with a chance to get a whiff of the best tasting terpenes.

Terpene focused experience is gaining more and more popularity among connoisseurs. Using the available knowledge and going that extra step will help you benefit from consumption and reach to a different of relaxation and bliss.

Stay tuned for more on the benefits of terpenes in our next series!

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