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Portland Daily Deals

Tasty Tuesday

20% OFF Edibles 


Wonderful Wednesday

15% OFF Silver Shelf Flower


Therapeutic Thursday

20% OFF Topicals, Bath Bombs, Tinctures, RSO


Fabulous Friday

25% OFF All ounces

15% OFF All joints



20% OFF ALL Extracts, Concentrates & Cartridges


Celebration Sunday

$5 OFF Gold shelf 1/8th's



- Deal Prices Are Post Tax

- Deals Cannot Be Combined With Senior/Vet/Birthday or Springbig

- House joint packs, budget ounces, and flash sales cannot be discounted

- *Limited to 1 per customer

We offer daily deals on a variety of cannabis products. From discounted edibles to special deals on pre-rolls and top-shelf flower, there is always something new and exciting to try at Silver Stem.


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Portland Daily Deals
Details on Pricing and Deals

All Prices Are Post Tax. Deals Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Discounts. *Limit 1 per customer.


Dear customers, the special pricing is alread applied. If it is not, our budtenders will applly it at the checkout. Feel free to place an order - this will secure the availability of goods and will speed up the pick up.

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