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Wana Spectrum Rosin Gummies | Tropical Smoothie 100mg Rec

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Acidic pineapple and other island fruits bring tart contrast to a floral terpene profile. The first live rosin edibles to deliver a “smoker’s high” in just 5–15 minutes. Wana Fast Acting Rosin Gummies contain first press live rosin that is made entirely from fresh frozen plants, preserving all the active terpenes and other compounds found in living cannabis strains. The live rosin is completely solventless and is made using only ice water, heat, and pressure. Wana’s gummies withstand even the warmest weather, with a melting threshold nearly 2x as high as gelatin-based gummies. DIETARY DETAILS: Pectin-based, gluten-free, vegan, kosher. TERPENES: Scan the QR code on the package for the terpene profile of your batch. DOSAGE: 100mg THC total. 10 gummies x 10mg THC each.





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