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August 23, 2021

12 Most Common Questions About Cannabis Consumption

Here are 12 common questions people ask on Google and Reddit about consuming marijuana flower and infused products.

What is the strongest weed?

When selecting a strain, some people look for the highest THC content. Yes, higher THC means stronger buzz, but you can always consume more - it is all about the effects, the vibe, the flavor. It is kind of the same as with alcohol where people do not often ask for whatever as long as it is 180 proof. There is so much more to your smoking experience than THC percentage. A lot depends on the strain’s terpene profile, as well as CBD content, metabolism, and even your mood and surroundings.

But if you have a high tolerance or just prefer something with a kick to it, check out Silver Stem’s OG Kush, Lemon Skunk, and Jerry’s OG. These strains have around 25% THC according to our latest testing.

And you can always go for cannabis concentrates, which average 70%-80% THC with some reaching over 95% compared to 20% average in flower. Novices are not advised to try concentrates as the high might be overwhelming.

What weed strains are the most relaxing?

Even though the indica/sativa classification is a bit limited, for our intents and purposes we can say that indica-dominant and balanced hybrid strains would be the best for relaxation. You do not need a strain that is too powerful or a pure indica. That may lead to drowsiness and you will feel sedated rather than chill.

Silver Stem’s Blue Dream, OG Kush (a more potent option for experienced consumers) and Stardust Funk are great strains for relaxation. And you can always use filters in our Flower section to select the desired effect. 

How many edibles should I take?

Marijuana infused edibles and their effects are different from marijuana flower. When you smoke, THC is absorbed through your lungs and the effect is almost instantaneous while with edibles it may take over an hour for the effects to be felt, since they are ingested through your stomach/mouth or both as is the case with tinctures.

For more articles on edibles click here

Recreational edibles in Colorado usually come in packages of 100mg THC, containing 10 or 20 pieces, 5/10 mg each accordingly. If you are a beginner, you might want to try 1:1 CBD:THC edibles - you will get all the benefits of Cannabidiol and it counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. 

The dosage depends on numerous factors, primarily your tolerance to THC, your metabolism, whether you ate anything prior to consuming them, and more.

Beginners are recommended to start with 2.5 mg doses, while the standard dose in Colorado is 10mg which is suitable for someone with built up tolerance and experienced in cannabis.

Remember, that these are suggested numbers and there are a lot of variables, so start slow, and do not rush to take more since the effects will take a while to be felt.

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What happens if I smoke too much weed? What to do if I smoked too much weed?

When you consume cannabis, sometimes you overextend yourself. It is always best to avoid this - go slow, use only the products you know, and remember that you can always take more. Overconsumption is no picnic - you might experience high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, panic and paranoia.

But if the unfortunate has happened, it is vital to keep calm, hydrate, have a light snack, take a shower. However, if the symptoms are too intense, do not hesitate to call EMS.

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Can I mix alcohol and weed?

It is generally inadvisable to mix the two since the effects are hard to predict and depend a lot on the person. If you drink first and then consume cannabis, it speeds up the absorption of THC and results in a quick onset of an intense high, which is not always a good thing. Smoking cannabis and then consuming alcohol will slow down/delay the latter’s absorption which may also be misleading and unpredictable.

Tips for smoking weed for the very first time?

Start with a low THC strain and a small dose. Trying a high CBD strain like Incredible Power will make the adjustment process even more gradual. It is best to try cannabis for the first time in a safe environment, like your home and with a group of friends who have some experience and can provide advice. Pick a day when you have no things to do or places to be. Remember to start slow, hydrate, and have some snacks ready.

Should I try indica or sativa for my first time?

As we mentioned above, dividing strains into indica/sativa/hybrid might be useful but it is too limiting and not precise. Check for the effects the strain provides and pick the ones you are looking for. As you get more acquainted, read up on terpenes, try out different strains, and don't be shy to ask your budtender for advice - Silver Stem's team is always there for you and will happily help you pick just the right product.

What is the strongest form of cannabis?

Cannabis concentrates or extracts range anywhere from 40-50% (kief, hash) to 70-80% (shatter, wax, live resin). One of the most powerful products on the market today, testing at 99.9% is THC-A crystalline

What consumption method offers the biggest high?

It is not so much about the way you consume cannabis - although it does make a difference - but how much you consume and how strong the product is. In flower and concentrates the potency is shown in THC percentage contained in the product, and in edibles the actual amount of THC is provided in milligrams.

Can I mix different strains of weed?

Yes, you can. It is called a “weed salad”. The effects might be unique, though not always predictable. A lot depends on the strains you choose to mix. Combining the flower/shake of two or three related strains yields is most common.

What is a high? How does it feel? What can I expect?

The most common sensations from consuming cannabis would be euphoria, relaxation, cerebral buzz, and more. But, make sure you pick the right dosage or you might encounter its negative side which may lead to panic, dizziness, and so on. Pacing yourself is the key to a wonderful experience. 

How to inhale weed? Should I hold my breath when I inhale weed?

A lot of people still suffer from the myth of doing huge hits, holding your breath and then having coughing fits as being a successful recipe. It is actually the opposite. Your lungs absorb the majority of THC is absorbed in just a few seconds and after that you are letting the resin and tar settle in, which is not something you want. Ideally, you should take short drags and do not hold in the smoke for too long. 

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