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December 23, 2019

Cannabis Shopping Guide: Dosage. How Much Do I Need to Buy?

If you are new to cannabis shopping and possibly consumption, this article is meant to help you make your first steps.

In our previous articles of the Shopping Guide we took a look at how much cannabis you can buy as well as THC and CBD content.

Today, we will look into the dosage - how much people consume.

One thing to remember - these are just basic guidelines to give you an idea of how much to buy, not instructions or a prescription. They are very subjective. And if you plan on using marijuana for medical purposes, you definitely need to consult with your physician.

How Much Cannabis Do I Need to Get High?

This is a common question and the number varies greatly.

Some people consume marijuana once or twice a week, some do  every day. Some go as high as a gram of flower per day - a nug of about the size of a quarter, and some take an occasional edible with 5-10 mg THC. 

Concentrates are not recommended for beginners, because of their high THC levels, and you should be cautious with edibles dosage as well - the high and the effects are very different from flower, and they take longer to come into effect, as well as last up to 12 hours. 

We compiled a table to help you get an estimate of how much cannabis you need to get the desired effects. The numbers here would be for an average consumer, but keep in mind that several factors come into play here:

- your individual tolerance to cannabis, which depends on how much you usually consume, if any

- your weight and height

- type of cannabis product, and of course the THC percentage / volume

- your metabolism and how much you ate before consumption

- the amount of flower you smoke (the calculations are based on an average of 3 hits)


THC% Flower

THC mg Edibles

No High

Less than 3%


20:1 or higher

A Bit High


2.5 mg or less



5-10 mg


24% and higher

10 mg and more

We hope this will give you an idea, but always err on the side of caution. You can always take more. Enjoy your cannabis experience with Silver Stem and if you have any questions, our live webchat is available here on the site.

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