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October 23, 2019

Most Common Mistakes in Cannabis Consumption

It seems that with the Internet and cannabis legalization, these myths and legends should have become history but that is not the case for many reasons.

We are here to offer you a comprehensive least of the things that you might be doing wrong. And point you in the right direction as well. Keep in mind that some things would not apply to everyone, but these are good ground rules to smoke by. After all, you do want to enjoy your experience to the fullest and do so in a safe and responsible way.

Check out our videos on the subject on YouTube - Part 1 and Part 2.

1. Pick the right hardware. And take care of it.

You can use a sophisticated rig for dabbing or you can use a simple glass pipe sold in any local pot dispensary. I say - to each his own. Try out different options but make sure you use them properly. Do your research. Like the carb hole in your bong - you hold it closed with your finger, get enough smoke in there, then let it go and inhale the lot. That will clear it right up. 

And do not forget about maintenance - you need to clean it regularly, despite the superstitions, myths about the effects of the residue collecting in it. After all, you are planning to run smoke into your lungs from that thing. You would not eat from a dirty dish, right? So enjoy your high safely.

2. Get the right paraphernalia

Get plenty of screens and change them regularly. Have a good grinder at hand. And on to the next point.

3. Hydrate and stock up

To avoid the biggest side effect of smoking cannabis, especially if you enjoy it a bit too much - hydrate. And do it before, not after. Anyone who has smoked before going to bed, knows what I am talking about. Also, keep a lip balm and eye drops at hand. Some strains cause extreme cotton mouth and blood shot eyes.

4. Do inhale

The cannabinoids are mostly absorbed in the lungs. You can get drunk by holding liquor in your mouth but that would take forever. Same here. Pull on your joint, bubbler or whatever you are using, get a mouthful, and then take a deep breath.

5. Store your product the right way

You can follow all of the above advice but if you do not store your flower or concentrate properly, it all goes to waste. THC turns into THC-A with time and improper storage and instead of getting you high, just make you drowsy. And the worst thing would be getting mold into your flower, so keep it humid. We have covered the proper storage of cannabis flower before with excellent advice from our grower Ricky, as well as concentrate storing, and this is something you just have to read. 

6. Do not listen to “you don’t get high the first time you smoke”.

That would be the case is if you did it wrong. Many people say that they did not get high the first time they tried weed, and I am no exception. Looking back, it is most probably because I did not do it right. Namely, the point above.

7. Pick your strain / product

Different strains provide different effects. And different marijuana infused products do as well. I definitely recommend you take a look at our Edibles Guide, since edibles consumption and its effects differ greatly.

If we talk about flower types, the commonly accepted are indica, sativa and hybrid. Though it is a bit wrong in terms of lineage and not as straightforward in terms of the effects, this is the choice you are usually faced with and the general idea is true, so I won’t bore you with the details. For now, at least. The general ideas is that Sativa is more for daytime use, to boost your creativity and make you want to do things. Indica is great to take the edge off at the end of a long day and get a good night’s sleep. A hybrid has a mixture of these properties but they are usually leaning toward one or the other.

As to dabbing concentrates - it’s a whole different story that you can read up on here and one we are sure to cover in more detail in the near future. It is a booming and ever-changing category of products that is definitely worth looking into. 

8. Pick your dose and know what you are consuming

Most of the more experienced consumers have been in a situation when you are offered ‘just a hit‘ and 5 minutes later you are blazed out of your mind and wondering how you got there.

First of all, figure out what you are going to use, make sure it is from a trusted source, and if it is something new, just start small. You can always do more. Well, usually. But no need to get greedy - overconsumption is not a pleasant thing.

9. Do not hold it in

Regretfully, this age-old myth is still around - take the largest hit possible and hold it in as long as you can to get the most. Do not follow this advice even if it comes from a friend that has smoked pot since middle school. Break the cycle. THC, the cannabinoid that brings about that “high” takes a fraction of a second to be absorbed through your lungs. After that you are just keeping the smoke in, absorbing the stuff you do not need, and making yourself short of breath. Forget about stoner movies with dirty bong water and holding your breath until you pass out. And there is no need for monster puffs either unless you want to show off. As we mentioned before - you can always smoke more. Moderation is the healthy key. 

10. Do not look for the most potent strain

This is an extremely common question in cannabis dispensaries, even from avid consumers - what is the strain with the most THC? Your body reacts to the amount of THC you consumed, not how much of it you get in one hit. If you want to get higher and do so quickly - go for concentrates. If you want to enjoy the various effects that the terpenes provide - try out various strains and pick yours without worrying about the percentages. 

11. Plan your time

Some people can fully function under the influence, some don’t. Some do their job even better. But keep in mind - you will be under the influence and there are legal ramifications to keep in mind plus some things you just can’t do when you are stoned. Like driving.

12. Pick the company and the place

Even though it is number 11 here, it is a crucial part of the experience. A lot of things influence your high, and this is a major one. The right company makes you feel comfortable and you will end up in laughing fits. The wrong one will cause paranoia. The same goes for the place. Some people can only smoke at home, some can do it anywhere. Make sure you feel comfortable in your current setting before you light up. And make sure you abide the laws. 

13. Do not mix with alcohol

Some people say that a light beer goes well with cannabis and I agree, but we still would not recommend doing. You never know the combined effects. As to hard liquor - it’s a definite no.

In conclusion

Not everything here can be considered a 100% fact and here is why -  the effects of cannabis depend on numerous factors, some of them described above, and the best way is to try and see. But, I do hope that this simple list improved your experience and please subscribe to our newsletter to hear the latest on cannabis!

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